Monster Hunter World – Game Review

I know it’s unbelievably late but I have to give this game its deserved shout out! I love RPGs and playing games with depth. It guarantees more content and longer play time/life span. Monster Hunter World delivered on everything promised and MORE. I was in love with this game after the first hunt. I don’t have many negative thoughts or issues with the game, but I still want to do a full break down and share my experiences. This beautifully built hunting experiences gives you something that other games wish they could deliver à an earned victory over monsters/bosses. Below I break down the highlights and little personal issues I had with the game!


Challenging – The game made you earn your victories! One of my favorite parts of playing a video game. When it isn’t easy, a game becomes more fun to finish and play through. Monster Hunter World makes you grind out fights if you want certain gear or weapons (and it isn’t always guaranteed)! And can brutally humble you if you try to progress too quickly through the story. On top of putting in your time to become the hunter needed to progress through the story, the AI was intelligent. Added to the challenge of the game. The monsters were smart and made aggressive moves to keep you on edge and constantly involved.

Customization – Of course. A highlight for everyone I spoke to about the game. The depth for which they allow you to customize your look, weapons, skills, etc. is fantastic. You could spend hours simply customizing your characters look and which weapons you’d like to use. It can almost seem like an endless pit with how much customization goes into this action-RPG.

The Monsters – AWESOME. They all had unique looks to them and very different fighting styles. No two monsters (in my play through) were relatively the same. They all had their own set of abilities and challenges that come with them. I love how detailed their looks were and how they looked as the fighting progressed. Very unique designs and really made you feel like a badass fighting some of this huge beasts!


Weapons & Armor/Crafting– I’ve already touched on this but with 15+ different weapons and over 20+ types of armor sets gives players hours of different unique fighting experiences. And that’s if you use something for only one battle! All the weapons you love have an entire tree of possibilities for what they can be made of. Those materials can be hunted and earned over time and used to enhance them further to do more damage. The customization for every weapon gives this game endless play time for those who are true Monster Hunter addicts. The levels of crafting go so deep for everything you van honestly get lost. There is soooooo much to do and try.

The World & Graphics – Beautiful. Stunning. Amazing. Breathtaking. I can go on and on. One of the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to graphics and the environment. I don’t think I saw any rendering issues or graphic breakdowns. Whenever a game nails a unique environment and top notch graphics, it makes the title that much more memorable.


Combat – The gameplay is very smooth. There is so much to learn. Between studying the monsters and learning your weapons and their upgrades, you have your hands full with constant adjustments. The always altering environment adds a nice touch to the combat and survivability. The fights can take 30+ minutes depending on where you are and what you are using. Very rewarding but smooth. Sometimes the monsters are downright destructive/unfair, but that comes with a game that holds a high level of challenge. It can also make the game feel like less of a grind when you’re totally into the combat and animations.

Animations & Cat-Pal – These were great. I never got sick of eating food or building something new at the smith. The animations were hilarious and always had me laughing. It also played a nice role in this type of game. Matched well with what the producers had established as the ‘Monster Hunter World.’ The cat-pal was a great addition for those who played alone. Helped with healing and could do so much more. Developing your partner in crime was critical as the game goes on. Being able to give them cool gear and weapons was always good for a laugh. I was lucky enough to play with friends and our pals would show up across the world to either help or dance. A really nice touch to an in depth game.

Negatives (Kind of…)

The Story – It was 50/50 for me. I understand that this is what comes with this type of game, and it aligns with what has been made in the past. It still felt a little choppy and could’ve been something huge. It was very simple and easy to follow. No true cut scenes where you could get more feels for your characters but the developers still did a good job. Personally, the story didn’t feel deep and got lost in the sauce of the hunting/combat!

Side Quests – Sometimes felt detached. Were unnecessary most of the time (in my own play through). Some seemed like a bit of a grind and no one wants to leave a story/goal of hunting huge monster to harvest other things or track smaller/weaker monsters. That being said, I enjoyed some of them and getting help with certain ones was really nice. A handful of the side quests I tried didn’t seem necessary or build into the main story plot.

Overwhelming – I had a couple friends return the game shortly after getting it due to being overwhelmed. There is so much in the game and it is thrown at your pretty quickly. Personally, it wasn’t a problem but I can see that having an effect on a lot of people out there. This game and style isn’t for everyone but if you know what you’re getting into then this is a match made in heaven.


At the end of the day, Monster Hunter World delivers on everything you’d need in an action-RPG and then some. It gives you exactly what you’d expect to get when picking up the game. Everything from the surroundings to which melee weapon you’re going to use can play a role in the long hunts to come. There is HOURS of gameplay built in and it continues to evolve and develop as your progress through the game. When you think you’re done, it sucks you back in for more monster hunts and bigger rewards. With a couple small adjustments this game could’ve gotten a perfect score for me. I had that much fun playing it (especially with friends). I highly recommend picking this game up when the price drops. A fantastic way to spend days running around hunting huge beasts.


Overall Score: 9/10

Action-RPG Score: 9/10

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