Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald – Trailer Review

Bruhhhhhh… This is my sleeper movie of 2018. They stacked the cast and seem to be giving us exactly what we want/need. This film seems to establish the connections between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, Newt to Albus, the Le Strange family to the wizarding world and how deep the deathly hallows story runs with Grindelwald. There are so many possibilities with this movie and it looks like they are going to do a lot to deliver on viewer expectations. I hope they integrate more magic and beasts into this second movie. This are so many opportunities for us to love young Albus and Newt even more and I hope they build them up with a strong counter performance from Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald. Below I hit the talking points from the trailer and some of my first thoughts on what we might get!

Hogwarts – Who doesn’t love the wide shot of our favorite school? Great to hear the classic Harry Potter jingle tweaked for this trailer. Playing that over this first shot brings you right back. My big question here…. How’re those wizards and witches apparating onto the bridge/grounds?! Maybe the law isn’t in place? I’m not sure but nerds all over called that crap out immediately and I was one of them. Possible that Albus apparates so often to hunt Gellert that the ministry created that law to restrict his travel (and it didn’t work).

Doors Opening – Leta Lestrange and Newt’s brother, Theseus, who are dating in this film (heartbreaker for Newt), walk through the Hogwarts entrance together. This is going to bring up a ton of questions for our characters. Issues over romance and involvement with the right/wrong people. I expect we get some serious background on these two and what role they play in the ministry.

Dumbledore & Office – GUYS! We got Jude Law! I’m personally excited for this casting. I love him as an actor and person and hopefully pulls off a convincing young Albus. Couple quick things. His beard is top notch. He is standing in the middle of his classroom surrounded by 10+ people and laughing. Most likely this is the ministry trying to strong arm him for information and we know how that’ll go for them. It shows you the level of respect everyone has for him at such a young age. Also notice which room he’s in! Defense against the dark arts. The skeleton is hanging and the winding stair case is behind him. It seems quit bare. You have to wonder how early in his career this is. Right before his sister’s downturn which made him so twisted, or is it after? And why is he so hung up on hunting Gellert at this time in his career if they are asking him not to? My guess is the wand and equality for all witches and wizards. But that’s me seeing the light in our favorite headmaster.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Newt – Our dude is back and it looks like he’s heading to Paris. So we’ll get him in a new world/area again! I can’t wait to see his culture shock and suitcase issues here. Hopefully his involvement will allow us to involve more and more creatures as the film goes on. They were the plot in the first, but we knew it wasn’t the main plot being laid down. I hope they continue to develop him and create a great relationship between him and Albus and his brother.

Teaming Up – Before we talk about our two good guys teaming up, I have to mention the deluminator. You have to love seeing Ron’s future tool in action during Dumbledore’s early days. Now these two good guys teaming up is going to create a fantastic dynamic. Two personalities who would normally clash are coming together for the good of the world. Everyone at the ministry thinks he is working with Newt, but he denies it even though he clearly is. The two meeting in hiding means Dumbledore is stopped by something. Why Newt? He isn’t the strongest. I think it has to do with him disarming Grindelwald last. Dumbledore knows he has the elder wand and with Newt last disarming him, he can defeat him in first combat before taking him on himself. It doesn’t 100% make sense to me but I’m sure the film will explain with Newt, a nice easy going character, has to hunt the deadliest man on the planet.

Grindelwald – Johnny Depp looks terrifying as him and I love it. The skin, hair, eyes, etc. all match what I’d think of when seeing a crazy wizard. In that next shot you see him on trial. But not really… he is in front of hundreds of people but has his wand. Is he speaking to his followers? Is he starting his army? It builds to the question of how he will escape captivity from earlier (I expect the flying carriage ride) and see these people. Or the editing is meant to confuse audiences and he really is on trial and about to be sent to death.

Returning Cast – Yay Jacob is back! Does he have his memory? Seems excited to be going back on an adventure with Newt. Happy to see him tagging along because his comedy really carried the first film. Queenie and Tina are great additions as well. Love interests for Newt and Jacob will add another element to the plot. Newt will see Leta with his brother and be torn and obviously see Tina who cares for him. The dynamic will surely guarantee some awkward moments and hurt feelings, but with the quality of cast I’m sure we’ll buy it and love it. We also get Credence back. He survived and looks to release the obscurus. Good news. We can focus on other evils rather than go back to saving him. He does it with a new character, the blood transformer. The blood cursed lady must befriend him and help him down a way to help the good guys. Especially since he must hold a grudge against Gellert. We see him using magic to free little beasts later in the trailer. He may help Newt down the road in a pivotal moment.


Sea Creature – This what I’m talking about! More of this!! That creature is most likely a Kelpie. I hope we get a handful or awesome looking beasts for Newt to use in his adventure.

Wall Markings – Huge things to notice here if you pause it. It’s a family tree. Notice that Leta Lestrange’s name is on the wall and has a half moon/circle filled out. Possibly not a pure blood. Making her a little nicer but also casted out by her family. Which is probably how she ended up liking Newt and his brother. Newt got tossed out of Hogwarts for her (supposedly) so I wonder how big a role this plays in her not being pure blood. On the other side of the tree you notice another name. Credence… is he related to the Lestrange’s? Is he a pureblood instead of squib? Would be a cool twist to dive into mid film.

New Cast – The blood cursed lady, Maledictus and new crew around the circus seem wild. I wonder if that’s going to be a part of the Fantastic Beasts. Maybe Newt plays a large role in their life. Maledictus wears this feathery, silky blue dress. Possibly turns to huge serpent beast or maybe some kind of bird? It’ll be fun to see how these circus people make their way into the plot and how they end up helping the cause.

Quick Shots – Apartment blows up with that slowing spell. Maybe we get some action scenes of the deadly Grindelwald. I’d love to see him take someone we grow to like, out. That would enhance our hate for the character and make him a more real threat to viewers. Then we see Thestrals pulling a cart from a tower. Possibly transferring Gellert. The brooms behind might be extra security or when he gets broken out and brought in front of all those people from earlier in the trailer. Dumbledore says he can’t be the one to move on him. Telling the audience exactly what has to happen. Newt has to be the one, but we still don’t know 100% why. Either ministry or Newt disarming him is mostly what I have. I would say it is because of love for him as an old friend (and romance), but Rowling said she wouldn’t go deep into it or explore that avenue in the films.

Scamander Bros – Gotta love the end of this trailer. The two brothers together looking like they are defending themselves or others in a graveyard. I have no idea how this comes about. But Newt with his war hero brother has to guarantee some sweet action and magic. They have that unified spell that brings up the red crack and it looks SO COOL! Hopefully this epic fight is at the end and is dealing with Grindelwald.

Deathly Hallows – The symbol to end it all. The elder wand must be in this movie because they are seriously relying heavily on the image. I wonder if the other two objects will make the film. Only time will tell. Until then, we get to watch Johnny Depp whip around the scariest wand ever created.


I’m so excited for this movie to come out in November. The action looks promising and so many different things/places are covered in this trailer! It looks to be as epic as the last Harry Potter movies. The cast is a major promise for me, and with better CGI as years go on, the movie has some serious potential to bring in big numbers. I’ll be sure to review more marketing down the road as we get closer to The Crimes of Grindelwald. Who knows, we may even get the ginormous battle between Gellert and Albus… Naaaaa probably 3 movies too early…

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