Solo: A Star Wars Story – Official Trailer Review

Pleasantly surprised with this official trailer! I was very against this movie being made when it was first announced. I don’t know if anyone can pull off doing Han Solo outside Harrison Ford. I’m still not sold on our lead, but this trailer has ignited that Star Wars stomach of mine. There are a ton of juicy details in this trailer I’ll briefly jump into below!

Talking Points from the Trailer:

Star Destroyer Construction – I like how they started with a Star Destroyer being built. Shows how young the empire is in its construction, and how the power will grow throughout this movie. It isn’t all about Han and his solo ride, but about the Star Wars universe and how he ties into being a true hero down the road.

The Vibe – Don’t read too much into this. But the first shots of the trailer after the ship give me a western style feel. They look to establish Han as some kind of scum, tough, bad-ass who will earn his stripes. They end the section with a stand off, which I hope is epic. That would give viewers some confidence in their young Han lead and how brash he’ll be throughout the movie (which would align perfectly with who Han is as a person.)

Donald Glover – Gotta give this man his props. He seems to already be my favorite character in the movie. I pray they give him his deserved time on screen and let him develop. I like how we’ll most likely get the dice game where Han wins the Millennium Falcon from Lando. He’s already a highlight for me in this movie. Side note – When they talk about betrayal later in the video and a quick clip on Lando shows up as he shoots, I definitely don’t think he is the one doing it. I think losing the Falcon will hurt him, but the back stab will come from someone much closer…


Units & Betting Table – Maybe this is just me, but Donald Glover seems to fit well into the Star Wars feel. He looks the part. This Han doesn’t feel that way. Seems out of place when going to the gambling table. We also see Lando risking all his units across the table on something. Maybe Han has some beginners luck and takes it all form him. Or Lando’s first impression to Han is a high roller, high winner.

Paul Bettany as Villain – Looked a bit odd. I’m sure their is some story to his scars/weird face marks, but I’m stuck in his vision role. Hopefully he pulls off a bad-ass villain who strikes fear in our cast. Doesn’t seemed to be too involved in anything yet, which I think is the best move for marketing. Don’t give away the big plot tot he movie. Hold onto the plot and release small parts of Han’s development in the trailer than people expect to happen. It fulfills people’s wants but doesn’t give too much away. His knuckle blade weapon looks really cool. I wonder how it’ll play a role in this film and what happens to him – as we see none of these characters in later movies. I like new weapon designs and trying new things, I hope that Paul isn’t a wasted actor on this film.

Millennium Falcon – They really worked our favorite ship into the trailer as much as possible. They threw it in everywhere. Pushing on that connection is great, as long as they do it right. We need to see how importance the Falcon is to Lando to show how big it is for Han to earn it. If we buy into his ambitions of being the best pilot, and then getting the Falcon, there will be no reason to not feel a connection between them. It comes down the writing and acting of these scenes. I HATE the current look of the Falcon. This blocky front looks ridiculous. I wonder how they’ll work in the old look and have the ship damaged enough to make it happen, but it seems like an unnecessary move for the film.


Lando’s Female Robot – I think it’s a subtle nice touch. We haven’t really gotten a female android we’ve remembered and hopefully this changes things. Notice how it starts with Lando and is close to him. By the end of the trailer, Emilia Clarke walks off some ship and this droid is behind her… An extra hint to how she may not only be betraying Han. With the success of droids in Rogue One and of course the main franchise stories, lets hope she lives up to the expectations.

Betrayal – I believe Kira (Emilia Clarke) will be the one backstabbing the cast. Either during the heist, or right after it. It is what will set Han down his broken path of little trust and learn the most from Woody Harrelson’s character. Watch how his main crush betrays him during the climax and he makes an ethical choice (somehow) to be a space scoundrel and do something right.

Chewy’s Girl/Friend? & Spike – So it seems we will get some Chewbacca background. Much needed. Everyone loves Chewy and I pray they explain who this is. Seems emotional. Either Han is saving him (from the camp I talked about in previous blogs) or it is right before he saves him and is getting sent to die. Maybe Chewy has a girl!!! And what the hell was that Chewbacca spike?! That thing was nasty but he definitely killed that guy. He super spike him on his head/neck. Absolutely wild. Makes me love him more.

Troopers Fighting – We need as much of this as possible. It’s most likely in the film to sell merchandise, but we need a lot of action in a Star Wars movie. It seems it will deliver. But without Jedi and lightsabers, we need blaster battles like in Rogue One. These guys look awesome as well. Hopefully we see some epic show downs and get a reason to root for the scoundrels instead of law enforcement. They possibly could be the start of the true empire we know later in this story line.

Ending of Trailer – Pointless in my opinion. We know Chewbacca lives, so why end the trailer on that note. It doesn’t build suspense and that would’ve been something we could’ve been shocked by in the movie. This didn’t do anything for me, but at least we know Han saves him and that is how they become best buds. Chewy will owe him his life and become his second mate. I also love the joke about how old he is. Fantastic take.

Environment & Practicals – Possibly my favorite part of this trailer. Everything looks practical. Minimizing the CGI for this movie is going to be huge! Rogue One nailed this aspect of their movie and truly made the film feel like Star Wars. I love to see the practical setting. Hopefully they do it justice and give our favorite scoundrel a grounded, dirty beginning that we feel a part of. This trailer seems to nail that aspect of his home world. 

Overall, this trailer has helped me from the edge. I’m still on the edge for this movie but on the happy side of the fence. I’m more optimistic after seeing the full trailer. I’m still not confident in our lead and the possible story to follow. Hopefully the cast and action will carry the weight and make this movie extremely fun. The writing is concerning, as well the acting, but I pray to be pleasantly surprised. What makes me extra nervous is how late this trailer and all their marketing is coming. This film is right around the corner and should’ve gotten more hype. I hope it does well so we can get more Star Wars stories that we WANT to see. The trailer gave me positive vibes for the future!

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