Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2 – Review

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! I normally hate trailers that give too much away. Especially 2nd and 3rd trailers that give major plot holes away. This time, I’m not upset. We know what is coming with Thanos and his Black Order. Nothing needs to be hidden. We got a ton of juicy bits in this trailer and all it has done is hype people up even more. Everyone that has seen it around me has been buzzing about the details and new shots. We are getting everything we needed from this movie. A serious villian who actually threatens, possible death of major heroes, challenges, team ups of our favorite heroes, humor, etc etc… The list can go on and on. Infinity War is truly shaping up to be one of the best movies we’ll get in 2018. Below I break down the trailer shot by shot and my first thoughts of this jam packed movie.

Shot by Shot Breakdown:

Upside Down Shot – I still can’t place the significance of this in the MCU. They do it in Doctor Strange but there seems to be some type of correlation to why they do everything in their trailers. Notice the bright dot in the background. Probably Thanos’ circular ship that reoccurs in the trailer. Coming right for NYC. Leads into an upcoming shot of the bright comet/ship on the Sanctum Sanctorum ‘s Sorcerer Supreme symbol.

Bruce Banner, Black Widow and War Machine – Quick glimpse of the three looking up into the sky. An easy guess would be they are looking at the ship ripping through the sky when entering. A second take would be they are in Wakanda together, but to go to battle. they are on some type of tech/vehicle platform and Colonel Rhodes is suited up. I’d guess they are seeing the Black Order enter the airspace of Wakanda. This also has me wondering what role Banner will play. We see him here in his human form and then running behind Captain America in that classic team shot at the end of the first trailer as Hulk. He obviously has a lot of fighting potential and is a useful tool during the defense.

Sanctum Sanctorum Shot – Quick glimpse of the ship/comet rocketing through the skies of New York. So the team up between Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wong in New York will probably happen just after this. Especially since we see them with new technology and people later in the trailer.

Thanos & Gauntlet – Same shot from trailer one and other promotions. Thanos adding the second gem to his gauntlet. Gamora is talking in the background how he can eliminate half the living universe with a simple snap of his fingers. “Just like that.” I love how they are establishing his power and dominance early in the movie. No more fun and games in the Marvel Universe. Testing times are ahead for our heroes.

Gamora & Tony Stark – Interesting to also see Gamora talking to Tony. We know the Guardians meet up with people but this must be right before Thanos comes to extract another gem. She might meet the humans after the Guardians pick up Thor from the wreckage and bring him to Earth to team up. Deliver the message of who is coming to attack and how powerful he is. Possible that this is simply great editing, but it still sends chills down my spin that our heroes don’t truly know of this man. They are in for a rude awakening.

Thanos Removing Helmet – This alone deserves a shout out. HIS ARMOR LOOKS SICK! It makes him look so much more badass. My guess is that this will be when we are getting Thanos’ background origin on his homeworld and he does something to destroy his race/people. He’ll blame himself or something else and shoot for vengeance to “balance the Universe.” The fire in the background of this shot tells us that thanos doesn’t play nicely with others…

Peter Parker & Mask – Throws his mask on in public. Must hop right out of the bus we see him on in the first trailer. Throws the mask on and rips towards Thanos’ Black Order hovering ship. I expect he’ll fully suit up when he meets his other NEw York defenders. This will lead into Iron Man throwing him the Iron Spider suit we see later in the trailer.

Tony Talking & New Booster – As I pointed out earlier, he doesn’t know Thanos. Gamora has to fill him in. Trying to find a positive that Thanos has to come to them so Wakanda might be the best place to engage and defend from. He seems to be underestimating his force. That being said, he is taking more of a leader role during this trailer. Gets more talking and shots than Captain. Interesting point because I think one of them is dying during Infinity War part 1. His booster is a cool addition to the suit. Love how Tony is always developing his gear. Seems to be chasing the ship out of orbit. Maybe trying to catch it after it extracted another gem. My guess will be elaborated later but I believe the Black Order will get the Time Stone from Doctor Strange after he uses it to revive/save other heroes. Tony shoots after them to retrieve it with no support. Possibly meets his end.

Doctor Strange & Time Stone – Damnnnnnnnnn son. Quick clip but if you pause it you can see how his crib is all trashed. Clearly been some serious fighting going on. I expect that he is using the Eye to revert time and the damage done around him. Possibly saving people’s lives and bringing others back from death. I believe that by him doing this and saving those people, he allows the black Order to know where that is and attack him. Taking the Time stone from him after he uses it to save some of our favorite people. Tony talks about them having what Thanos wants and using it. Prime example of Doctor Strange using powers he truly can’t control and enabling the Order to easily get to the stone.

Vision & Scarlet Witch – We forget how powerful these two can be. The Vision is what they are protecting at Wakanda. I was wrong about them having the Soul stone. The Vision is the treasure they need to keep safe because his head holds one of Thanos’ most prized possessions. These two are huge tools but most likely will be hidden to keep the earth and others safe. Their love interest will keep them bonded at the hip. I’m excited to see Scarlet Witch’s full potential when Vision gets attacked and taken down. Quick shot of Wakanda to show those two might be pushed to the forest to hide and stay safe.

Avengers Unite – The team takes the quinjet to Wakanda. T’Challa and team, backed by the Dora Milaje, greet some of our favorite Avengers. Quick insight – Captain and Black Panther ar ebuds after he’s hid Bucky for him. They shake hands immediately. After the end of Black Panther, we know they are here to help support the world and share. Clear example that they are here to help. Black Widow still very involved but with blonde hair. Not a huge fan of that but hey, chnage can be good. Rhodes/War Machine is behind them and walking! Using Tony’s technology he can walk and function after his spine injury. Sam is on the right, suited up with his wings. We have Bruce Banner in the cut. Crossing his arms and being awkward. And behind all of them are Scarlet Witch and Vision. It’s cool to see the teams are meeting so professionally in Wakanda and will be fighting together soon enough.

Shuri – Quick shot of her looking at a projection of the Vision and the stone. Trying to analyze what is going on. I wonder if their technology can give us extra insight of it’s capabilities and how powerful the Vision could be. Or if she can relate that to the Black Panther flowers that grow and if the Soul stone is deep in Wakanda. The Guardians walk off a ship to an unknown location. Doesn’t seem to be any place on earth.

New Team Devising a Plan – One of the best parts of the trailer. Star Lord, Iron Man, Spidey and Drax talking about a plan. Star Lord being his full of shit self and putting down everyone else’s plan to use his own is great. Notice Tony’s suit is updated and looks super sleek. Not sure which version it is but I think it may use bleed technology from his skin or same tech that Black Panther uses to put on his suit. The look Peter Parker gives Tony after staring at Peter Quill is hilarious. Super confused with his big hair and Iron Spider suit. So this must be way later in the movie and in a new area. They seem to be in some random place. Possibly the battle realm that Thanos sends them. Looks to be a planet he crashes to later in movie. I wonder how these four got split up to work together. Has to be the most dysfunctional four heroes to ever work together. Also love how Tony never makes eye contact with anyone!

Wakandan Forces – We see the teams on vehicles going out to the plains to fight. All out favorites seem to be there who came off the plane except for Hulk, Vision and Scarlet. The Wakandan warriors look badass. I expect their tech to hold it’s own in the fight scenes. The new and improved Hulkbuster looks AWESOME! I wonder if Veronica is running that herself or if Bruce is in there. Possibly Tony but he doesn’t seem to be fighting in Wakanda.

Thor & Rocket Raccoon – Odd pair getting stuck together but man I can’t wait to see it. Thor uses his powerful lighting to shock the area. Must be here he creates his weapon or is coming back from defeat to challenge someone or help others. Rocket looks utterly surprised and Teenage Groot is chillin. They seem to be in some rundown hanger or place hiding out or lost. Not sure what role they play in the plan. Thanos drops a deep, “The end is near…” Shit is littttttttttttttttt

Plane Crash – Seems to be the Black Order aircraft crashing into parts of the world the 4 stooges were stuck on. Maybe it is brought down and crashing after Iron man brings it down? Or it is a past shot of Titan (the planet) being destroyed by Thanos.

Thanos Close Ups – His armor is incredible. Full go he looks like the evil Thanos that was promised. Powerful and gold, he makes a badass impression. The next scene confuses me. Thanos is all decked out and has a little green girl hold his hand and walks her down some sort of aisle… Hmmmm possibly Gamora from the past or another daughter of his that gets killed and sends him down his dark path when she and the rest of his race is destroyed? Maybe his possible origin that sends him on his humanity destruction path. We did see a close up of him in the same gear taking off his helmet with fire behind him. Could be right after this ceremony of sorts and gets everyone killed. Or stealing Gamora from her home world. Lots of possibilities.

Thanos & Thor – YES that is Thanos’ hand holding Thor by the skull. Dangerous territory to be in. Literally controlling our favorite god by his head and the one without the gauntlet. Extremely powerful and is crushing his head. I doubt they would show this scene and be the way they kill Thor. I actually doubt Thor dies after his crazy third film success and possibilities in the future.

The Black Order Shot – Damn you Loki! Damn you…. Front and center that shit head betrayed everyone again. He must deliver one of the stones to Thanos and now be part of his team. I’m not sure I can forgive him an eighth time.


On the far left we have Proxima Midnight. Specialist with that spear/sceptre that Thanos created himself. Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, you know the rest. Absolute badass who is the most deadly warrior of the bunch. We saw Captain dodge/catch his spear throw in the first trailer. That is going to be an awesome fight. In the middle of the five is Ebony Maw. My most hated of the group because he’s screwing with my dude Doctor Strange later in the trailer. A genius who develops plans and uses mental powers to torture/defeat his enemies. Clearly a good match for Strange to steal the time stone. Crovus Glaive, second from the right and Thanos’ right hand man, uses a deadly glaive that can split atoms. He is the leader of the Order and is a master strategist for his master, Thanos. Cull Obsidian is the brute on the far right. Pretty sure you can guess why he is affective. Cull his unbreakable skin and a random power to be incredibly dense (in weight). Notice how many people have been put down around them. Must be an opening fight to get the original orb. We see Thanos smash it later to get the second gem. This Order is a bunch of killers and will set that tone early. We see fire just as we did behind the taking off helmet scene. Another possibility where we see Thanos decked out.

Hero Action Shots – Quick glimpse of Bucky using a gun. I would’ve thought they’d hook him up with something more technical or badass but if he’s good with it, so am I. Nice shot of Captain about to do battle with his forearm vibranium shield and Black Panther looking out on his enemies. He digitizes his suit around him and leads his army straight to battle to defend the world. We see Hulkbuster look on at the Black Order army running at the Wakandan force wall. Reminds me of Star Wars The Phantom Menace (how dare I bring that movie up) but the end battle with the big shield the droids have to push through is very similar. Hopefully this is done well and builds a ton of anxiety for the audience.

Fighting Scene – Sweet teamwork with Doctor Strange and Star Lord. Using platforms to jump off of in this weirdly floating realm to shoot at someone. I wonder if this was part of the plan they had mentioned earlier. He is upside down which is nuts. We then see Scarlet looked hurt or shocked. Seems to have the same background and dark colors as the scene when Vision gets stabbed with the spear/glaive of one of the Black Order from the first trailer. Maybe she seems him injured or killed and is about to go off. We need to see her full potential to see her worth.

Doctor Strange & Ebony Maw – Bruhhhhhhh not my boy. Ebony has Stephen stuck between tons of sharp looking glass stabbing powers. They don’t only seem to be keeping him in place but actually touching him and doing something to his skin. looks to be glowing like the pain is internal. Notice he is wearing the necklace. He can’t move to defend himself. Badass move by Ebony Maw. He’ll steal it and leave Strange stuck in a painful trap. We get the close up of Ebony why shushes him from screaming… he looks so creepy and badass. Freakshow but clearly effective. I pray we don’t lose such a great character this soon. I doubt we will but this is scene is wild.


Wakanda Battle – We see open field fighting. Firing on lines and Falcon flying overhead. We see Hulkbuster overrun with baddies and taken to the ground. Seems to be getting ripped up. If Bruce wa sin it, he’d transform and rage out to beat the shit out of these little freaks. Would be an awesome scene.


Thanos talking – “I hope they remember you” Shittttt is this the scene where we lose one of our mains? It goes straight to Iron Man who has is armor shatter and he is about to cry/scream/yell/rage. So maybe they are trying to trick us that Thanos does this to Captain or someone else. I think he is talking to Iron Man after beating him down. Crazy because we see him jump in that realm but land somewhere else. He said that in his battle realm though and I listed earlier who we know is in there. Doctor Strange, Star Lord, Drax, Iron Man, Spiderman, and I’m not sure who else. We may lose someone serious and that is Iron Man defeated and looking upon one of his dear friends defeated.

The Punch – We see Thanos leap with a yell to end someone and lands at Captain America’s hands. Capt is putting up a fight. Holding back the gauntlet and Thanos seems distraught. He could use the stones to beat him here, and that worries me. Cool to see the 1 v 1 action and how Captain isn’t afraid. Lead sinto the awesomely epic Avengers theme song.

End Scene with Doc and Spidey – Hilarious. Hoping they can work in some humor with Peter Parker and give us some pull back from all this darkness. “Ohh.. we are using our made up names!” Love it. I can’t wait to see these guys team up.


There was so much to this trailer. It gives a little away but still delivers a hype train of emotion for hero nerds. Even my mom was asking about this movie and how they got all these people in this movie. I can’t wait for April 27th and see these team ups. The creative department must’ve had a field day with the different link up powers and skills they could use. Until then we have to wait for more on the rest of the Guardians and Thor. I wonder how their front will affect the war and how big a role they play in this battling. There are so many people in this trailer and we still missed so many. There is too much to cover for someone to complain that this gave too much away. Thanos looks badass and is Order looks incredible. Is till thinks this ends well for the bad guys. part 1 will be how we got beaten down. There needs to be something to avenge for the Avengers to win. There will be loses, but that comes with bringing 15+ heroes to one screen! A little over a month until we get the most epic Marvel movie to date!



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