Incredibles 2 – Sneak Peek Review

How the hell are we getting this movie 14 years after the first one?! Absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know anyone who didn’t love the first movie or not want a second. C’mon Disney and Pixar… you gotta be better. That being said, I’m not mad we are getting it now. It is far overdue but I’m excited they are bringing the family back to fight evil! I really enjoyed the first movie and it still is fun to watch. I was lucky to even see the preview. I was watching the Olympics late at night and the sneak peek ran. I was alone and looking around to scream! I had completely forgotten about the film and teaser. This TV spot seems to take the movie in a completely different direction than expected. Below is the Incredibles 2 Sneak Peek and my thoughts on the sneak peek scene by scene!

Scene by Scene Thoughts: 

  • We start with the Underminor and Mr. Incredible looking towards the cockpit at a ‘Breach in 12’ seconds screen – Cool to see they’ll pick up right after the first movie. Everyone wanted to see the team in action and we’re finally getting it. As for the screen, this must be when Mr. Incredible does his best to fight evil but loses his spotlight to his wife. Which seems to set up the rest of the movie. I hope the fight is epic and the kids have to step in to help defeat him.
  • We get some quick shots of the Underminor’s machine making impact and the family bickering before heading into action – The city is under siege minutes into the film. We see Mr. Incredible bark orders to watch Jack-Jack and make sure he stays safe as he jumps onto his wife to spring through the air. The trampoline tactic was pretty dope and I look forward to the family team ups throughout the movie. We end that scene with Mr. Incredible getting sucked through that cannon thing. I think he’ll need to be saved by his wife/family, which I think will lead to him becoming a house dad.
  • Dinner table scene with my favorite quote from Dash – “We wanna fight bad guys! It defines who I am…” Hilarious quote. The whole family seems to be arguing about being super heroes. It’s still illegal but we know Mr. Incredible wants to be a hero and live in his glory days. The more Dash the better. He was my favorite form the original and being the comic relief, he’ll play a huge role in this films house/family vibe.
  • We see Frozone come to Mr. & Mrs. with a business idea to bring heroes back – Mr. Incredible’s face says it all. He wants to bring heroes back to the light with this new business guy. We can see how this will set up his heartbreak and stay at home dad phase. I also think that Frozone is going to be left out like Mr. Incredible. They will be the funnel to Elastigirl’s success.
  • Next couple shots we get the head honcho that wants to bring heroes back and says the world needs… Elastigirl! – Heartbreak for Mr. Incredible. His face on the phone says it all. His wife goes to fight crime and gets to be a successful stay at home dad. She hops on her new motorcycle and whips off to fight crime! She was badass in the original so I’m not surprised she’s the big attraction. I want more team up fighting but the individual battles will be great too!
  • Then we flip into some scenes of Mr. Incredible struggling to dad – “Why would they change math?! MATH IS MATH!”. Clearly struggling to acclimate to the home life. He falls asleep reading to Jack Jack. More of the same. He’ll play it off to his wife that it’s easy but he clearly isn’t happy.
  • We get some scenes of Elastigirl in action and Mr. Incredible talk about being successful at being a homebody so she can be successful in the field. A nice touch and theme for the film. Empowering women and showing it isn’t easy to be the mom who takes care of everything. It’s also funny to see that car next to them fanboy over Elastigirl on the highway. She’s clearly having a great time as she rips down the road in a wheelie.
  • We end seeing some of Jack Jack’s powers!! – He’s going to be a force to recon with. He eats cookies after disappearing and showing up somewhere else. he turns into this mini red rage monster and starts to attack his dad with biting. Going to be hilarious in the film. Also showing that Mr. has no idea what to do and how to control his family. We end with some more powers being shown by the baby. Going from flames to lightning to green laser eyes. Jack Jack has it all and my guess is that he will be the comedic relief for the film!


Overall, the trailer gives the main idea of the plot. They have to revert to being regular people again. Mr. Incredible has to come to terms with his wife fighting crime and him being on the sideline. It’ll be an interesting theme for the film but it is very current with what is happening in the United States. Women continue to empower one another and this film seems to do another great job of it. You have to wonder how it’ll end an where the twist will be. Will Mr. Incredible lose control and create family issues? Will jack Jack save the day again? Will Elastigirl run into an unstoppable force or possibly being set up by the business man for a terrible situation? Only time will tell. We don’t know enough about the movie to make a guess of where the issues will lie beyond the house. We also don’t get an indication of who could be the antagonist. Until then, we have to keep our ears to the ground and hope they drop more promotions to get the conversations started about this movie.



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