Black Panther – Spoiler Free Review

Wooooooooooooow! I hate to take high expectations into the theater because it often ends in disappointment. This movie delivered on all fronts and lived up to all the hype! Is it the greatest hero movie of all time? I don’t think so, but it delivers on its promises and comes through with a fantastic story. It’s somehow the 18th movie from Marvel and they continue to kill it. There were no slip ups in this movie and it truly holds its own with the other heavy hitters in the genre. The theater I was in was roaring on opening night. There’s great humor throughout the entire film and we broke into clapping at least eight times. It has all the elements needed for a powerful movie and I absolutely recommend seeing it as soon as you possibly can! Below I break down my personal thoughts on the movie’s strong points and cast in a spoiler-free way & give it an overall ranking!

Main Points: 

  • The Plot – We got a solid origin story. It was very good from start to finish. We got a background to our main character and the surrounding cast. They slowed the pace down a bit for character development, which I personally appreciated as most people are relatively new to the hero. They tied up all loose ends and answered most questions people had about Wakanda and its people. The plot played on emotion and had some nice twists. This highlight alone is what will carry this movie towards some people’s top movie list.
  • Supporting Cast – The cast is what made the movie funny, more epic and powerful. Powerful si the best word for the supporting cast. The actors and actresses laid across this film were outstanding and all did a great job in their own way. Not only was the acting of high quality but they made Wakanda feel special. They earned my buy in and created a movie worth rewatching.
  • Wakanda – As I expected in my trailer preview. Wakanda was its own character. It really made the film feel special. The culture oozed from every opportunity on the screen. Wakanda was gorgeous and really played a central role in the plot/character development for everyone across the board.
  • The Score – Not underrated anymore. People all around me when I was leaving the theater were making comments about it. The score of this film carried good moments to epic moments. The tribal music on transition and current hip-hop beats during scene entrances were awesome. The music had me moving in my seat and jiving. It was one of the best parts of the movie and synced so well with what was happening on screen. It doesn’t fall to the background of the film. It stands out during the movie and makes the fighting feel intense. It carries the theme through the beginning and tone behind Killmonger’s story.
  • Technology – Some of the coolest tech in all of the MCU. I don’t want to spoil anything but the Wakandan technology advancement is scary. They have awesome suit technology and the rest of Shuri’s work gets to shine throughout the movie. So happy to see that we will get more advancements in the near future! I can’t wait to talk about the specifics of what rattled me when watching during the spoiler section.
  • Villains – They hold in their own ways. We get some great backstory to Erik Killmonger and Klaue gets his shining moments. Can’t wait for you to watch it and have your own opinions on these guys. They held the story together and added some serious emotion to the plot. They get their moments to show how rotten they are to the core! Some of the better acted villains in the MCU, in my opinion.


Cast breakdown:

Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) – HELD IT DOWN! The king did his job. I really thought he did a great job brining Black Panther to the light. He showed emotion in almost every scene after that first third and really held his own with this stacked cast. I believe he did a good enough job to establish him as a new MCU favorite/leader. He’s the King of Wakanda that everyone needed. He made the character development clear through his work.

Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) – Beautiful and eloquent. She did a great job in her role and really added a great element to the movie. Not only to the end of the movie but to T’Challa and his development. I’m excited to see more of her in the near future.

Okoye (Danai Gurira) – She demanded your attention when she was on screen. Had some really funny moments with Black Panther and other characters. She had some truly badass moments in the movie. She is wicked with that spear. Absolute savage when it came to highlight moves. She stole the show when on screen and really pulled off her stern styled leader very well.

Shuri (Letitia Wright) – Who did love Shuri?? She was incredible. Funniest person in the movie no doubt. She lightened the mood and pulled off a great character. She was such an attractive personality in the movie she could’ve been a main character in it. Her relationship with everyone, especially her brother T’Challa and Agent Ross, made her very likeable. Another great cast member who I’m excited to see more of in the future. Her humor really made the Wakandan world/technology even more fun and cool.

Erik killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) – I thought he was a great villain. I won’t spoil the movie but he does a great job with his own character development. He’s a strong opponent to Black panther and honestly had me feeling bad for him. He earned some serious points as a worth villain in the movie. He also had some funny/likeable parts that made he feel like he belonged.

Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) – I love Agent Ross. I know for some he’ll feel out of place or a weak part of the movie but I personally thought he played a great role. He bonded with the characters and also got to establish himself even more. I enjoy Martin Freeman when he’s on screen and hope to get more of him in Infinity War. And on top of all that, his reaction to seeing Wakanda and what goes on is priceless.

Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) – I love Andy Serkis. He’s been a CGI character in so many of my favorite movies/ series and I was happy to see him act with his own face/body. He was a great personality to have on screen and crazy enough to get brownie points for audiences. The arm cannon we see in the trailer is very dope. I’m excited for you guys to see him and Erik in the movie and let me know what you think about Klaue.

Everyone Else! – Damn this cast was fire. There are three other legends in this movie that played huge roles for the films plot and handful of others that I loved. They all build into the same thing. Positive/strong characters who helped T’Challa and others develop through the plot. They all were believable and made the movie feel whole. This stacked of a cast can sometimes be an issue for huge movies, but Ryan Coogler found balance and allowed them to shine in their own ways.


I recommend everyone go out as soon as possible!! This movie holds its weight not only as a superhero movie but as a strong original story. People who are MCU fans will love this film. But even those who know nothing about Marvel Superheroes can see this movie and follow it with ease. They don’t rely on any other heroes or stories for this movie. I’ll be heading to the theater a couple more times to see it again and give the film the money it deserves!


Overall Rating: 9/10

Superhero Rating: 9/10

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