Venom – Teaser Trailer Review

It’s here. The first look into Sony’s villain. Venom has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts and I love how they did this teaser trailer. It’s a true teaser. It doesn’t give much. We don’t see Eddie as Venom or the symbiote in action. We do get some human Eddie Brock action which is pretty sweet. I like how they’ve committed to keeping Venom off the screen. I hope they stick to that and draw people to the theater for their true first impression of the horror. I’ve done a blog post about Venom and my predictions/ideas and this confirms some ideas but nothing solid. Below I’ve posted the trailer and break down the trailer shot by shot and elaborate on my thoughts of our first taste!


We start with a beautiful shot of water through a valley. The painting/drawing looks like it’s moving until we pan out and find Eddie in a CT Scan at some hospital or local health center.

Tom Hardy is passed out in the system while doctors look on at the results and issues with his body. This must be right after the accident he talks about a few seconds later but it’s cool to confirm we are getting his origin and initial run in with the symbiote. Quick note, watching the screen that is monitoring him, it doesn’t seem to detect anything wrong with Eddie’s body. An interesting little side note that Venom is undetectable by normal human tech.

“Everyone’s got their thing…”. We hear Eddie talk for the first time. His voice with the combination of the music sets a chilling tone. Absolutely going for a depressed or negative feel. It sets the tone right out of the gate. This R-rated movie is going to be dark and have suffering/pain.

“Maybe it’s a break up” – We get our first look at Eddie’s love interest, Ann Weying. She is the one I’ve mentioned becomes She-Venom in the comics. She is a successful lawyer that must look down to Eddie and break his heart after leaving him. Good to see our main actor won’t be one dimensional. Notice that she is in the hospital. Because it’s movie timing, I’m sure this is right after she leaves him and he get sint he accident. She’ll show up to see him at the hospital to check in.

“A death…” Then we get a shot of Eddie looking into some laboratory. Possibly Riz Ahmed’s lab that is there to help him or control the symbiote? I speculate that the death he is talking about is his father. he is at the lab to unfold him, as seen in the next shot, to come face to face with the man who always wanted to disown him.

“An Accident” – Leaving everyone to guess this accident is between Eddie and Riz Ahmed’s equipment. Releasing the symbiote we see later in the trailer to attach itself to Eddie Brock. It looks to be a normal crash and little do the doctors know that an alien power has connected with a mentally beaten down Eddie Brock. Notice the shots and people around the crash. Construction workers all over trying to help, but most are wearing protective gear. they know what was in the crash and how serious a problem it can be. They want to get it back. The people that are  apart of Riz Ahmed’s team will be the ones hunting Eddie to get back their prize.

“You use to be one thing, and now… you’re something else” – clearly linking to how the Venom symbiote will chnage Eddie and make him a killer over the movie. I can’t wait to see this internal struggle. The battle for being human and being powerful will set this r-rated movie down an awesome action packed ending.

We get a couple random shots of possibly the symbiote being moved, but then get our first glimpse of Riz Ahmed’s character. Opening the doors to the symbiote bouncing around it’s in gloriously gooey ways. I think we found our antagonist.

Eddie starts to talk about everyone having problems, which leads to some sweet action shots of him on a bike or in the middle of the city. There’s a sweet car crash between SUVs and we can assume they are expensive cars from our new antagonists team. Chasing Eddie down to capture him and extract the alien power.

We then get some quick shots all over. The doctors jump up to help Eddie in the tube. I’m guessing it’s either from fear and the run, or they are trying to assist him while he starts to freak out (which we see at the end of the trailer). We also see him running through the woods. My guess, being hunted on foot. He’ll be close to captured and Venom will take over. That’s when we’ll get our gore and earn the r-rating.

The next shot is confusing. I know it’s for editing but Eddie turns around quick and throws his hand back. I’m not sure what this will do with the Venom power, but you see how people in that office go flying around and spread way out. Something powerful must be a part of this movie as well to be able to do that. My hope is another symbiote like Carnage. We need something to match Venom t hold the story up.

You then see a big bus throw like a baseball (that’s very red and hopefully from another alien power) and doctors concerned for Eddie in the scan.

That leads to the final and best shot of the teaser. Eddie screaming and freaking out in the ct scan. Looks so cool and we can see Venom making its way up/through his body to take over. Looking extremely painful. He already seems to give us a good idea of Eddie in this teaser. A really good sign from me that this movie will do great and hit the ground running in the Fall. Need to keep an eye out for more marketing.promotion in the near future. This teaser alone will get people’s interests sparked again – It’ll demand people to want to see a villain’s movie.


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