Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer – Review

We finally got our first full look at the Solo film. It’s taken them a while to give us something, which worried a lot of people. And truthfully… I’m not sure how to feel about the trailer and film. I mean, who doesn’t love more Star Wars? We all love Han as our favorite scoundrel, but isn’t it better to leave classics, classics? Harrison Ford perfected the character and now we put a young actor in some huge shoes to fill. He’ll clearly be fighting an uphill battle with the fans. I don’t know many people who really were asking/wanting this film so it worries me that Lucasfilms are forcing the movie on audiences for some guap. That being said, we have to give it a fair shot to impress and win us over! Below I break down the highlights from the trailer and key points for the movie I’d love to see:

Highlights for Trailer

The trailer starts with Han flipping switches and hitting buttons. I pray he nails his first time sitting in the Millenium Falcon pilot chair. More focus on his flying skills in this movie would be awesome for fans to be able to see.

Jumps to Alden Ehrenreich talking about how he’s ran street scams since he was ten. We see him in a speeder ripping through a city. You see young Han breathing deep, loving speed. And Emilia Clarke’s character, Kira, look over at him in amazement and a bit of googly-eyes. They are running some heist together and it seems Han has pulled Kira along. The scene continues with someone on a speeder bike chasing him and eventually crashing. Showing Han out maneuver whoever it was with his skills. it finishes with him in the same speeder ripping a sweet skid style turn through a tight channel to get away from a bigger flying ship. So we’ll get a good look at his skills and possibly his origin on his home world. Developing the sneaky scoundrel early in the film.

We get a sweet shot of Han in a dope fur coat. I’ll come back to this later and tie it up with something Lando was wearing as well. We then get a shot of inside the classic Millenium Falcon hall. It is so white and clean. Really nice to see the young Falcon as well. Proving that Han was the one who dirtied it with his travels over the years after winning it from Lando.

His goal is to be “the best pilot in the galaxy.” Cool to see we find what drives Han to talk to the Empire to be a pilot. He wants to prove he can be the best and has the skills. Shows a lighter and more driven Han who, for a moment, wanted to prove his worth to himself. Then we got a shot of Han looking at the legendary cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.

We then get a shot of Han and kira walking through the a dry desert world towards a weird pillar structure on the edge of a cliff. It eventually slides to Woody Harrelson’s character Beckett, telling Han he is putting together a crew. Which leads into a sweet montague of the people involved for a heist.

We get a shot of Kira grown up. With a sweet new droid following her and decked out in a nice uniform and cape. Clearly there has been some time since they’ve split and she’s found a solid career for herself. We then get my personal favorite shot. Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian. He is pulling off that cool stance and smirk that he has in the originals. He is going to nail this role, I can feel it. We also get a quick shot of Thandie Newton’s character and new CGI crew member with multiple limbs.

We get a sweet photo of Han’s dark silhouette with his class leg holster over a room. Some have speculated this is where he wins the Millennium Falcon from lando in a dice game. That would be such an awesome part for the movie. Watching that heated game where Han wins his most legendary ship would be a sweet callback from the originals and answer some questions from other movies. It’s a possibility because we see Lando fly it at one point of the trailer. So somewhere during the movie it gets in our man’s hands.

We see Chewy with Han telling Beckett he says yes to the team and get a quick shot of Lando and his droid doing his signature hand signal. Sweet moment. Same gesture he uses in the original movie.

It then pans to a fancy party with a freaky dancer with a robotic mouth piece. Seems to somehow be connected to the weird aquatic creature floating next to her. Somehow they’ll produce the sweet music and entertainment. Star Wars never ceases to amaze me. We get a quick shot of the beautiful Emilia Clarke looking at someone at the party in shock. Probably spotting someone she knows shouldn’t be there.

We get a sweet shot of Han looking down some clan of people in the desert world and unclip his blaster holster. Shit is about to go down!!

Some masked figure decks someone outside a door. Most likely one of our characters pulling off the heist as a team. We then hear Kira finish her sentence of her being one of the only people who knows who he really is (which then flips to Han struggling to turn his ship away or towards something. That part has to be near the end because there is a seismic blast behind some ship and it looks awesome. I’m sure he had something to do with it!

That scene ends with Han asking Kira, “haa… and what’s that?” and his face goes from laughing off the joke to pretty serious. He clearly wants to know her answer but not sound desperate.

We get the title screen and end with a chase scene. Tie-fighters are shooting at the Falcon with Kira, Han, Chewie and possibly Lando in the cockpit. He blows them away and makes a joke that they are fine. looks away for a second and end up dodging away from huge monster tentacles. That’ll a fun scene and perfect moment for Alden to own the role and hit the humor just right. The trailer ends with the date of Memorial Day.


Overall Thoughts

Nervous. That’s the best word I can come up with. It seems like a cool idea when you think about it. We get to watch one of our favorite characters grow up and develop into the hero we know today. Show how he goes from a possible Empire pilot/soldier and end up a space pirate who helps save the galaxy. The reason I’m nervous – why? Why do we need this film? We know Kira and Han doesn’t work out, we know what happens Lando and Chewie. It’s an odd take but there is more potential for the film to land flat. Also the main actor has me worried. Multiple sources dropped that he really couldn’t act. And I don’t hear the Han Solo voice when he talks and he really doesn’t look like young Harrison to me (not that it’s easy to act and look like him). I’m personally very excited because I love Star Wars but I don’t know how the story will hold. They have a great surrounding cast who can lift the level up. The origin story and true development is what has me worried. I think lando wills teal the show, Kira will be someone we hate to watch leave Hans life, the Falcon get deserved recognition and Han earn some unknown respect for his character. I like to stay positive and see good potential in films. Definitely a movie to keep an eye out for and see opening weekend. The budget alone demands the action will be awesome.


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