Avengers: Infinity War Super Bowl TV Spot – Review

Quick one but outstanding. Jam packed with all our favorite heroes preparing to take on Thanos and his Black Order. Below I break down the shot by shot TV spot and my predictions!

Shot by Shot Breakdown:

You see Tony Stark with Doctor Strange and Iron Spider (all three decked out) looking into the air terrified. They all are looking in a different direction. Clearly in a new place or seeing something shocking. It has that dark blue look like an infinity stone is being used to warp something. The other time this color/setting stood out to me as when Tony saw his team killed during his vision in Age of Ultron. Hopefully there is a connection there. Awesome to see these three heroes together on screen. Heavy hitters.

The Vision getting affection from Scarlet Witch – The Vision looking human kinda weirds me out. I wonder if Paul Bettany had any say in this. Not wanting to suit up for little scenes. It would save them hours or make up and a ton of money, I’m sure. You also have to speculate that The Vision is going to get destroyed in this movie. He has a stone in his forehead and Thanos needs it. Nothing wills top him. plus in the actual trailer we see someone from the black Order stabbing the stone with his spear. This romance is going to create a super sweet battle freak out by Scarlet Witch again.

The Guardians of the Galaxy making a nice entrance off Peter’s ship – which by the way is great. A lot of people speculated they wouldn’t be in much of the movie and I hope this is an indication that they will play a huge role. I want Rocket and Drax mixing with our bag of heroes from earth. Those conversations will be hilarious. I hope we get to see Peter use his  godlike powers to fight Thanos and his minions.

Thor with the Guardians seeing something interesting out of the ship – So we know they pick Thor up after he was floating in space. I hope they explain what Thanos’ shp did to theirs. That’s going to be a great space partnership!

Peter Parker unmasking himself on that giant circle machine high in the air. Looks way, way higher off the ground in this shot. Before it seemed high but at the city skyline. This shot seemed to make it look like the machine is rising into the air and Peter has his normal suit at this time. So he must land on this one (or possibly a DIFFERENT one) earlier in the movie when he is trying to help by himself. We’ve seen a shot where he lands on the same looking machine with the iron spider suit. That scene is going to be great and having everyone’s new favorite hero (after finally being done justice in his last movie) using Iron man technology will raise the bar for how epic this Infinity War will be.

Captain walking with Black Widow and the Vision (who looks to be holding himself oddly) – Cool shot to see these guys together. Love to see Captain back in action, but I’m not sure how to feel about Black Widow going blonde. Must be how the Hulk likes her!

Thor asking if someone is ready and then Captain opening his new forearm shield protector next to Black Panther – That shield has been shown in past comics. Looks to be made of vibranium and I can’t wait to see what technology comes with it to build on Captain’s arsenal.

You then see Iron Man slowly suiting up. It seems to be materializing itself, just like Black Panther’s does in his trailer – The Iron man suit always is advancing. This way he doesn’t have to carry anything around, he can materialize it off of what he already is wearing. So dope.

Quick shots of Groot and Nebula – Two people we can’t forget about. groot is growing to be a teen and hopefully big Groot soon – especially with the war on the horizon. Nebula, when focused on killing the right person, is a crazy force to be reckoned with. She hates Thanos and that feud will be great to see. I see her as dispensable and is on my most likely to die list for the first movie. I’ll drop that list down the road.

The evil black order army running from the woods of Wakanda. Black Widow on a carrier with Wakandan forces – Good to see by this point our heroes are intertwined and ready to fight side by side. This will lead to one of the most epic moments in an hero movie ever. That running scene must be set up after the go to fight the first wave of Thanos’ army.

Then, BUCKY BARNES with a new arm and sweet gun, running towards danger with a great scream – He looks awesome. Hilarious how his arm is super jacked and is built to look human. Ridiculous they don’t make it bigger! It’s a robotic arm! Go all out! I wonder if he has a special gun and not some AK. It’ll be fun to see how he is accepted to help everyone in the war. He’ll obviously be effective but I don’t know to what extent.

My personal favorite, Doctor Strange bringing up some type of power circle and Iron Man flying towards it and shooting something. Awesome to see the team work. These guys together are going to make for video game style fighting. Absolutely stunning powers together and I can’t wait to see what damage they can do together. Makes you think where does Bruce and Spider-Man go during this fighting.

Then you get the end group running towards battle shot – most epic shot in all of Marvel’s history. That shot leading towards their classic Avengers jingle always has me popping up with goosebumps.

They end the spot with Thanos doing his classic smerk. Looking as devilish as ever. Clearly trying to make people forget the one from years ago and accept the new Josh Brolin look.


Black Panther is right around the corner and is speculated to be the best hero movie ever! I don’t doubt it. That title will only belong to them until this movie drops. It’s going to break all the records. This is what we’ve been building up to for a decade. Thanos is going to destroy everyone. I expect him to eliminate a handful of our favorite heroes by the end of part I. I’ll drop that list/theories closer to the movie. Really excited for this! We saw all our favorite heroes on the screen in thirty seconds. If that doesn’t get you excited, you’ve read the wrong blog!

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