15 Games to Look Out For in 2018


It’s another huge year for gaming! My list for this year continues to grow and I can’t wait to test most of the big games for reviews. Graphics continue to improve, systems continue to get better and more depth seems to be added every year. We can’t forget how 2017 was littered with loot boxes and lack of original stories. Even though it wasn’t a down year with sales/production, we have to hope that 2018 is a big bounce back year for gamers, certain companies and major brands!

Below I put together a list of my most anticipated games of 2018! I’ll start with number 15 and work towards the games I’m more and more excited for. These aren’t specifically for one system. It’s a compiled list of the top titles across the board that I expect will do the best or create story value for players. I’ll also include an honorable mentions list at the bottom to highlight other games I’ll scoop at some point this year. I’ll make sure to include the system and possible release date for the games:

15. Dynasty Warrior 9 – PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – Initial release dateFebruary 8, 2018

Obviously it’s an established hack and slash video game. Koei Tecmo is dropping its ninth game for fans all around the world to enjoy its new open world style. It’s said that the open world map is HUGE and the cinematics are as good as ever. I put this in the fifteen spot because it’s clearly a popular game that’ll sell well around the world. Keep an eye out for those looking towards the beautifully engined game for some upgraded story and combat styles.

14. A Way Out – PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – Initial release dateMarch 23, 2018

I threw this upcoming action-adventure title on the list because it offers something new to gamers. The chance to play prison break on a video game with original characters. I pray they nail the story and expand on the depth of how we relate to them. The highlight of this Hazelight & EA game is that it’s a co-op experience. It brings a new challenge to these platforms. I also love how the trailer, which you can find below, shows how you need to progress through the story/their lives outside of the prison. I think that’s a great touch and uncharted area for major video game companies. It goes from an escape game to a survival-action title. I’m excited to try this one later in March!

13. The Crew 2 – Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – TBD in Q2/Q3 of 2018

2018 needs a sweet car game. They seem to be weak lately. I pray The Crew 2 improves on their match making and huge map quality. I didn’t get to play the first enough to review it, but you hear about the lack of quality driving mechanics. That’s obviously essential to any racing or car game in 2018. I also hope to see micro transactions see their way out of the game! The graphics will be another highlight this year. They need upgraded and sweet cars to carry the sales. Hope to see them market it correctly!

12. Sea of Thieves – Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – Initial release date: March 20, 2018

Another game I’ve heard a ton about. A pirate action-adventure game that’s developed by Rare and published my Microsoft. I watched people play the beta at E3 and other gaming conferences. You can get drunk, team up on ships and loot your enemies! It looks like a ton of fun and has a cartoony feel with the graphics. The engine from Unreal looks to run smoothly and give players a lot of great character options. I’m upset it isn’t dropped on the PS4 but I’m considering getting it for the PC. I expect the game to do great with the online communities who plan to team up, explore new worlds and want to find their inner pirate!

11. Shadow of Colossus – Platform: PlayStation 4 – Initial Release Date: Feb 6th, 2018

Surprised a remake has made it in the list? Me too. But all you ever hear about this game is how amazing it is. Constantly is in the conversation for best ever. I never have gotten the chance to play it, but I’m looking forward to it now. After seeing the trailers and hearing reviews, it looks gorgeous and has a fun boss fighting mechanic. I look forward to finding spare time to drop 40 bucks and work through this PlayStation 2 remake!

10. Ghost of Tsushima –  Platform: PlayStation 4 – Release Date: TBD

A huge PlayStation exclusive that is coming in under the radar. An open world RRPG that takes place in feudal Japan. Open plains, thick forests, clear ice water, etc. it has all the graphic magic to stand out and get peoples attention. I haven’t seen any gameplay or heard much about the combat, but I’m really into new challenges and original stories. This title looks incredibly promising and deep. Especially because its by my guys at Sucker punch, who have developed a handful of my favorite games. The engine for the game looks outstanding. I can’t wait to get deep into this game and experience the stunning world. I’d highly recommend paying more attention to the Ghost of Tsushima when the release date is announced and marketing ramps up.


9. Skull and Bones – Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – Initial release date: 2018

Another game I’m really thrilled about. It’s dropping on all platforms and also has single player and multiplayer modes. It’s published by Ubisoft and I expect the marketing to ramp up when they decide to release it. I’m assuming the game became a huge idea when Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag did well and the sea combat resonated with people. I know I absolutely loved it. This game is promising to deliver on some seriously awesome strategy and high action battling. The naval part of the game in the trailer looks so dope. So far I’ve only seen a bit at the conventions but I’m hoping for more gameplay before summer. Who doesn’t want to be a pirate running the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age? I can’t wait to customize my own character and ship to rule the seas later this year!!

8. Detroit: Become Human – Platform: PlayStation 4 – Initial release date: 2018 

Another PlayStation exclusive that has a promising story idea. The trailer sets the game up as a thriller where you decide your fate. I wonder how much it truly impacts the outcome but I’m excited to see a game of this style done on such a big platform. It has some recognizable faces and an interesting premise. I don’t know how much action is included in the game without some more gameplay, but hopefully the idea holds the story up. It’s an intriguing idea and been in development for a very long time. Keep an eye out for it in the near future.

7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance –  Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – Initial release date: February 13, 2018

HYPE for this dropping next week! Can’t wait to test it out. I love games like For Honor, etc. and this fits that time period with the Skyrim style depth/combat. This going to be such a great game and beta play looked awesome. People streamed it all over and it has serious depth and hours of game play. Any RPG player worth their salt is scooping this as soon as possible. It’s using a brand new engine and I’m really interested in seeing how this game will look with its huge map and fighting. Keep an eye out for a review in the near future for this promising game from Warhorse Studios.


6. The Last of Us Part II – Platform: – PlayStation 4 – Initial release date: Hopefully 2018

I’m throwing this on there because I am praying this game drops in 2018. It looks outstanding and we know how well the first one did. It seems as dark as ever. There have been some great theories about the games story, but I hope we all get the chance to jump into this world before 2018 ends. This action-adventure survival horror game is everything you can ask for in a story. It guarantees sales and performance after the firsts success, I hope they build up to create another awesome story and not rely on the first games success. Continue the scare moments and make the hard mode seriously difficult again. Rationing and supplies were so important. The hunt for tools and items made it feel you were actually in that scrounging world. I can’t wait to see how these two characters develop as they’ve gotten older!


5. Far Cry 5 – Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – Initial release date: March 27, 2018

Another interesting game dropped early in 2018! We know how fun the last Far Cry’s have been. Now they are throwing us out to Montana to fight a religious uprising/cult in modern times. I love how these games are in first person and how you have an element of role-playing to weapon/skill development. We saw some gameplay at E3 and people enjoyed it. There are multiple stories telling everyone how Ubisoft Montreal took the graphics, style and environment very seriously. They flew people out to record everything to make an area that is perfect for the story. It has that weird, scary feeling to it and I’m excited to watch Far Cry try something new. You can check the E3 gameplay below:

4. Anthem – Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows – Initial release date: Late 2018

Now we are getting to the top dogs. Another huge multiplayer action role-playing game by BioWare that has HUGE shoes to fill. Mass Effect was a let down in 2017 but this is their shot at redemption! It is promising so much and looks like the perfect game. Machines, guns, technology, action, new world, yada yada – it has it all. There have been talks of it being pushed back, but I hope it still drops this year. Even if it does, I hope it’s because of the product they want to put out. This game will be huge for RPG people and online gamers. We all hope it lives up to its standards. If your interested in any type of action, adventure, fighting, unique tech, traveling, etc. this is a game you need!


3. God of War – Platform(s): PlayStation 4 – Release: WW: April 20, 2018

Talk about a heavy hitter… GOD OF WAR IS BACKKK!! This action-adventure, hack and slash video game demands peoples money and attention. An incredible series and PlayStation exclusive that draws everyone in. Greek mythology is know by most people, so it drives the story forward to fight the gods. The new monsters in this game look outstanding and challenging. The combat has always been incredible, and it looks to continue here. The fighting likes unique and changing with his age. Kratos is becoming a man again and its great to see. His son is his driver to be better and you have to expect he’ll get Kratos in some serious trouble. This game is going to kill it. Can’t wait to see the numbers after release.

2. Marvel’s Spider-Man – Platform: PlayStation 4 – Initial release date: 2018

This is an upcoming action-adventure video game based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. The trailer and gameplay we’ve seen from the conferences are OUTSTANDING! JESUS HELP ME. I’ll pour hours into this game. It looks deep and hits Peter Parker perfectly. They seem to touch on origins, Peter as a person, and the development of Spider-Man. It’ll drop just in time for Infinity War to kill it and have great buzz about heroes. It is always tough to do a super hero the proper way in console, but this really looks like a top contender for best game of the year. Combat looks so cool and has so many options. This will break records because people of all ages will want it. I’m grabbing it as soon as possible. I pray Mr. Negative and other villains hold up their end of the threat to match the power of Spidey in the game!

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 – Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One – Initial release date: 2018

My most anticipated game for 2018. I LOVED Read Dead Redemption. Even playing online was fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a cool western shooter with badass characters? Even though we have a trailer, we don’t know much. It looks beautiful and you know the combat will be awesome. This game will break peoples bank. I hope they make multiplayer incredible and match making easy. I also pray they don’t rely on micro-transactions and ruin everyone’s dreams. I expect they’ll nail this due to all the time they’ve had to develop it and upgrade their engine. We know Grand Theft Auto has an awesome engine and people continue to play it. Once this drops it’ll be played for years! Definitely an early contender for top game of the year.


Looking back at this list, damn. We have some seriously big titles dropping this year. Get your wallets ready because there looks be a lot of great quality coming. The bar will continue to rise and original content will constantly be demanded. Lets pray these live up to the hype and continue to grow the gaming community!



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