Super Bowl Commercials – Review

Below I reflect on the 2018 Super Bowl commercials that stood out to me. I looked forward to them this year because they weren’t previewed before the game. The commercials gave viewers who didn’t have a horse in the race something to look forward too. No matter the type, I’m giving my brief personal review to any that stood out or made on impact during the game!

Trailers & Spots:

A Quiet Place – We got a quick shot of the beast/monster running in the woods. Still a terrifying idea for a movie. I’m looking forward to seeing the married couple act without words and live up to the trailer hype.

Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom – WHY DO THEY KEEP GOING BACK?!? I love seeing Dinosaurs on the big screen but shit guys, lets use our brains. It’s never worked. I’m a huge fan of Chris Pratt and the serious tone of all their marketing, especially this trailer, resonated at the beginning of the Super Bowl. We’re getting a new dinosaur and group stepping in to sell them. The last note from the trailer was how it had almost a thriller/scary feel to it.

Mission Impossible 6 – We know all about Tom Cruise’s foot injury (That is in the movie) but this trailer gave us a great shot of the cast. Personally, Henry Cavill is the perfect guy for this type of movie after I saw him in a Man from U.N.C.L.E. but I cannot forgive him for his upper lip CGI in Justice League due to his mustache. Ridiculous. The action though seems as good as ever and the helicopter scene at the end of the trailer looks awesome.

Cloverfield Paradox – Now out on Netflix, this 1st person filmed thriller had a serious impact between my co-workers and friend groups. I haven’t seen the second movie so I personally have some work to do before reviewing it, but it looks to be another JJ Abrams mystery box gem. Maybe the trailer had it looking better than it is, due to seeing the first reviews come back negative. But I’d never rule out an alien science fiction movie with such big names taking care of it.

Westworld Season 2 – HBO dropped a sweet trailer for season two. I loved the first season and most of the people I know had watched it. Great show with interesting characters and twists. It opens with scenic shots of the park and Dolores talking over it. Bulls are charging through and you realize they are leaving off with the idea the robots could be taking over. We have all our favorites back and even some new parts of the park possibly teased. Places we haven’t seen and new character/teams all in black showing up randomly. The creations are coming to take back “their world”. We also get a glimpse at Bernard in front of a new creation. Seems like it was coming to assault him and play a large role in this season. It’s going to be a great time, watching the uprising. Look out for the release date in Spring 2018!

Solo: A Story Wars Story – Hmmmmm. Interesting, I guess. I don’t want them messing with Han’s backstory and everything Harrison did for him. I don’t see the resemblance and how they look alike. Maybe the movie will give us more insight. Looks like we’ll get his origin and how he meets Chewy. Chooses to be part of the empire as a pilot, then saves Chewbacca from a prison camp/being executed and gets a lifelong friend/partner who felt like he owed him a debt. He’ll meet Donald Glover’s Lando in this movie (WHICH LOOKED AWESOME). We’ll also see a possible love interest in Emilia Clarke’s character. I don’t know how to feel about this because I love her but we all know how this ends. He goes with leia so she’s clearly disposable. I also hope they improve the hair on Chewbacca. Overall, I am very nervous for this movie. Disney always markets hard around a year to 9 months out. this is the first marketing for it and it was very short. Edited to get people excited and it didn’t do it for me, and I’m a super Star Wars fan. I have others who really liked it. I guess we’ll have to wait until Memorial Day to see if Alden Ehrenreich does our favorite scoundrel justice.

Avengers: Infinity War – What a TV spot. Not surprised it got the most social media buzz from it. They jam packed some great shots and almost all the heroes into the 30 second spot. I can’t wait to see Spiderman on the same screen with more of the older cast. Thanos is going to wreck everyone and we will lose some favorite heroes. Vision keeps getting this touching moments in marketing, setting him up to get destroyed in this first Infinity War movie. Captain America’s new shield/hand protector looks so dope, I wonder how it relates to the Black Panther’s suit powers. SHOT BY SHOT BREAKDOWN:  You see Tony Stark with Doctor Strange and Iron Spider (all three decked out) looking into the air terrified. The Vision getting affection from Scarlet Witch. The Guardians of the Galaxy making a nice entrance off Peter’s ship – which by the way is great. A lot of people speculated they wouldn’t be in much of the movie and I hope this is an indication that they will play a huge role. Thor with the Guardians seeing something interesting. Peter Parker unmark himself on that giant circle machine high in the air. Looks way, way higher off the ground in this shot. Captain walking with Black Widow and the Vision (who looks to be holding himself oddly). Thor asking if someone is ready and then Captain opening his new forearm shield protector next to Black Panther. You then see Iron Man slowly suiting up. It seems to be materializing itself, just like Black Panther’s does in his trailer. Quick shots of Groot and Nebula. The evil black order army running from the woods of Wakanda. Black Widow on a carrier with Wakandan forces. Then, BUCKY BARNES with a new arm and sweet gun, running towards danger with a great scream. My personal favorite, Doctor Strange bringing up some type of power circle and Iron Man flying towards it and shooting something. Awesome to see the team work. Then you get the end group running towards battle shot. They end the spot with Thanos doing his classic smerk. Looking a lot different from what he did back in the day. I think they wanted to create the comparison for viewers.

Now I know that is a lot of information for the spot, but that goes to show how jam packed it is. They give us so much and have properly set the movie up. I’m insanely hype to see them execute what the past decade has done.

Funniest Commercials:

Doritos #SpitFire & Mountain Dew Ice – Doesn’t get much better than Peter Dinklage vs Morgan Freeman. Outstanding song choices and goofy moment. Stuck with me and the rest of the people I’ve spoken with. Those damn gaming kids are gonna take over the world with their mtn dew and sticky fingers! I’m hype to try the new mountain dew!

Bud Light – he bud knight making his appearance while heading to a friends birthday party. Dilly dilly has taken over the nation. I love how they developed this commercial. Pretty funny conversation between the knight and guy full of arrows. One guy let fire crawl up his arm. Overall it had me laughing and it was easy to remember! So a great commercial by those standards.

Michelob Ultra – Chris Pratt as the extra with bad timing for everything. Probably stuck with me because he is one of my favorite actors. But he still held up his part and was pretty funny. Wasn’t better than the bud light commercial but stood out for some laughs!

Febreze – Bleep don’t stink. Pretty funny commercial once you understood what they were talking about. Goofy idea and great liner to end the commercial. First time Febreze has made a funny commercial that is memorable for me, so it got some brownie points.

Visit Australia – One of my personal favorites with Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride. Getting him and the audience to believe they were doing some spoof or movie and then realizing it was about showing how great the country is. Pretty great idea and they threw in the actual Dundee at the end for extra points. It was pretty funny. Setting up a fake movie and turning it into a tourism ad. The cast for the actual movie looks incredible so it was funny to see! Smart marketing that had me committed at first.

Rocket Mortgage – I feel like it didn’t get the attention it deserved. Keegan-Michael Key did a great job jumping into the scenes and making it simple/clear with his attitude. Cool way to promote the app and Big Sean cameo for one word was surprising but a little odd. Overall, it had me laughing and made me realize the commercial/brand more than normal.

RAM – We will rock you theme song was pretty funny. Different twist to remembering the brand. Wasn’t hilarious or stand out above the rest, but grabbed my attention due to the song and everyone scarily scream sing.

Universal – Peyton Manning the vacation quarterback. Everyone loves Peyton. He hits it on the head again doing some goofy things with kids at the amusement park. Not sure for branding purposes that it was right, but funny because people think of Peyton over Universal usually.

Tide – “It’s a Tide ad!” I thought was hilarious and incredible marketing. I love Dave Harbour in Stranger Things and he nailed it. It had me thinking so many ads were Tide ads throughout the Super Bowl. It was the perfect marketing plan. Every time you see a clean shirt you think Tide. They also nailed it with the Old Spice representative on the white horse. Perfect guy for rebranding, just like they did with Verizon’s main man going to Sprint. It was really funny and hung with me through the whole game.

NFL TV Ad – THE NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS STOLE THE SHOW!! My phone was blowing up after the dirty dancing spot hit. They did three separate pieces before it with Eli brainstorming ideas for celebrations. It was hysterical and had some people in tears. The lift put the icing on the cake. I know I am biased because I’m a Giants fan, but you have to admit it was incredible to watch and had you giggling (at least). Eli and OBJ stole the lift, but Landon Collins was also an A+ in the ads.

Other Stand Out Commercials:

YouTube – Seemed to be doing a lot of marketing to get out there. Clearly trying to grow and cement their top video site authority. Was branded near the beginning of the game until late the third quarter.

Sprint – The commercial itself wasn’t bad. I laughed a little because all the robots were making fun of a guy with some goofy sounding laughs, but that isn’t what resonated with me. The idea of AI that powerful is right around the corner and honestly creeped me out a little!

Olympic Promotion – Outstanding! Got me so pumped for the up coming games. Lindsey Vonn’s was so cool. The redemption and comeback is incredible and I can’t wait to watch her hit the Alpine slopes. I thought that gave me the biggest chills until I saw Shawn White’s commercial. His was so unique! The table at dinner turning into the half pipe was awesome and his comeback after a recent injury is going to be huge as well. Overall, it got me and a lot of people at the office very pumped about the games. Memorable commercials that did its job to promote the opening ceremonies in a week!

Lexus – Loved it simply because the Black Panther made an appearance. I didn’t recommend it highly because it wasn’t really a Marvel spot and the Panther’s suit/design looked off/weird. Still was cool to see how they integrated together.

JEEP – Loved this commercial. Got me and couple buddies very hype. Such an odd take on a car commercial. Powered through a stream/river and went high up the rocks like nothing. Talk about an American dream care. So cool.


The game was fantastic. Couldn’t miss a play with how exciting it was and how much offense was produced. I’m pissed to at that because I hate both teams. Well done by the Eagles. Great offensive showing and Super Bowl win. Overall, the commercials weren’t as funny as the past but still created a ton of great buzz.


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