Black Panther – Preview

The trailer says it all. Action packed and full of Marvel’s comic creativity! The first reviews for the film are nothing short of fantastic. I can’t wait for Black Panther to hit the big screen and build on the momentum he established in Captain America: Civil War. He stole some scenes in that film, and this looks to be one of the greatest superhero films yet! Below I break down the main points from the trailer, plot possibilities, and potential future for our new King of Wakanda!


  • T’Challa – The star of the show. Chadwick Boseman is the perfect man to take the mantle from his father. He’s a great actor and played a lot of emotional characters in their growth to climaxes. I see him being a huge part of how people enjoy the culture around him, and his badass approach to dealing with evil. As said in the trailer by his mother, it’s time for him to take his rightful place. I don’t think they only mean in Wakanda. The Black Panther has been lighting up its first reviews and if it takes this momentum into Infinity War, I expect Chadwick to take the focus off the original avengers and become the new knight in shining armor. He’s in incredible shape and the marketing gives us an outstanding insight to his development as the new King. He has a lot to prove when he gets home. Has to show he deserves the throne and fight off Killmonger’s drive for what is rightfully his. Earning his mantle won’t only take place on the screen in Wakanda, but in the fans hearts as a top tier superhero they can root for in the future phases to come!
  • Villains – I’m excited to see two very familiar actors step up in the villain role and drive the film. Michael B. Jordan is jacked up and clearly coming for his mantle. He is playing Killmonger and seems to be the man who challenges T’Challa for the crown. As seen in the trailer, he’s got incredible fighting skills as well as a vibranium suit. So it’ll be a great showdown to prove that T’Challa is the rightful King and earned his place against an equal opponent. I wonder what tricks he’ll have up his sleeve. You also see in the trailer how his suit formulates form his ring/necklace like Black Panthers, but has a cheetah pattern on the top part of the helmet. Really cool to see that insignificant detail added to his suit to show two types of cats battling for the throne. He also had double daggers and I expect those dual blades to see some serious action against the Dora Milaje, the special forces of Wakanda. I hope they develop Michael B. Jordan further than one title. He seems to pull off his character very well in the trailer. I hope to see him in future titles for our new hero. This battle for the nation against a proven actor for his action will make the film hold up past the superhero category. You see him wearing a tribal mask and breaking out Ulysses Klaw from his captivity. Klaw gets a prosthetic arm that turns to a sonic weapon. You see the weapon used in the trailer when the sound wave shot destroys that car. Going to be another awesome character, that was established in Age of Ultron, that’ll add another element to this films evil uprising. He’s played a big part in the marketing, but I don’t think his story will be as big as Killmongers.
  • Infinity Gem Potential – We know from the trailer that Black Panther survives and plays a large part in Infinity War. You see him lead his forces of Wakanda to battle. Has to make you wonder why his arm is the main focus for that fight and the charge down the hill. Thanos/his black order have to be there for a reason, and I suspect it is because it holds the last infinity gem. I Think this gem is used in the film when T’Challa travels to the spirit world and see his ancestors as the panthers hanging on that tree. He’ll use the stone to get advice and insight on how to lead his people and give Wakanda what it needs. Once we see a glimpse of its power, it’ll go away as did the time stone in Doctor Strange. We’ll end the film with it in Wakanda. Leading the Infinity War right to Wakanda’s doorstep. I can’t wait to see how they use the gem to set up the future of Black Panther and his involvement as the King, Avenger or something else after the war.
  • Cast – Freaking stacked. Outstanding actors and actresses all the way through. For a lot of people, this film and cast means a lot more than simply a superhero movie. It’s going to destroy box office numbers and blow the Black Panther’s stock up. I could break down each of the main people in this film but I’d be writing all day. Google Black Panther Cast and you’ll see how big the stars are throughout the entire film. Striking talent on all levels, but it leaves me to wonder how much screen time they will get to help the story. It’s always a challenge to have this many studly people on one screen. I pray they get their deserved time. This cast is phenomenal and I’m so excited to see this powerful African-American cast deservedly break records. I also love how they stayed true to the female special forces. This film does so much in breaking barriers. Really hype to see how each person will attempt to stand out in such a packed movie!
  • Wakanda – For most Marvel films, the place they are located doesn’t mean as much to the audience as the cast or  to what’s going on. I expect Wakanda to demand people’s attention and never let people know that is where this film takes place. It looks breathtaking from the trailer. The tribal pool where you earn your place, the throne and decoration, tall builds and slums below. Wakanda has it all and provides the perfect battleground for this plot to unravel.  It has so much mystery as well. I expect people to come out with a desire to know more about Wakanda and it’s capabilities. Wakanda is going to be its own character in this movie and play a pivotal role in the wars to come!Black-Panther-Wakanda
  • Action/Technology – Going to make the action and chase sequences thrilling. The car technology and suit upgrades are outstanding. You see the hand to hand combat looks outstanding and the technology of the environment will play a huge role in the fighting. From Kaw’s robotic ar to the Black Panther’s suit, the technology will make this movie rememberable. I see people falling in love with Boseman’s close cast members through the awesome action and technological advances, like people did with Tony STark and Jarvis. Some cool things that stood out, the sound shot from Klaw’s arm – fucking incredible. I cannot wait to see how destructive he can be once he is freed. The Black Panther’s new purple suit – love the color but it also seems to absorb kinetic energy and power. Then relese it in big seismic charges. That’s why he blew up off that car from the top. He released that energy in a huge surge and can channel that energy towards devastating blows. The cars and flying crafts. So dope and the Avengers will be taking some notes once they see the tech in Infinity War. They are clearly ages in front of the world (besides Stark industries) but hold down their traditions. It’s going to be an interesting balance between crazy enhancements and old school traditions to keep the audience embraced in the film.
  • Traditions – Huge part of this movies character development. You see so much in the marketing. Fine traditional clothes, thrones, hanging decorations, hairstyles, Wakanda colors, music, armor/weapon design, etc. Traditions are at the root of this movie. Most characters have an origin story and you see them develop as an individual. This is the first time we have a hero going back home to his rightful place and having to earn his place in tradition. Earn the mantle that was given to him. Build himself back into the culture, not separate himself from what he was. An awesome perspective I’m excited to see Chadwick Boseman go through during the first two phases of the film.
  • The Score – So underrated in Marvel movies. The trailer music from Kendrick Lamar says it all. It has traditions in it as well and hits hard to what is going on. “Show me my respect” plays when Killmonger shows for the first time on screen and “the revolution will not be televised” at the end when Black Panther is flying towards battle to fight off the evil uprising from Klaw/Killmonger. The point is that the score will play a huge role in who this cast is, and how Wakanda will be perceived. I think this score will stand out above a lot of other heroes music, and stick with people. It has a special ring of style and plays into the Black Panther’s uniqueness.


Overall, I could talk about this trailer all day. I think the cinematic experience will be like no other movie and the score more noticeable than any other before. The villains are always the part that make me nervous. I hope they develop through the story and play a believable roles for audiences to love. I expect they’ll target Wakanda but do something to threaten the entire world. Leaving Boseman to act as the true ruler who can save everyone, but leaving the door open for Thanos and his Black Order. It’ll be interesting to see how Black Panther rallies his allies to save the world and Wakandan people. I think this movie will shock audiences and break records in 2018. It’ll be the best superhero movie to date, until Infinity War hits!

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