Venom – Thoughts & Hopes

One of my favorite titles to drop in 2018. I absolutely cannot wait for Venom and I’m so happy to hear they’ve wrapped shooting. I love Tom Hardy in every role he’s ever played and I know he’ll do Eddie Brock justice. The best part about Venom is that he originally is known as a villain that turns to an anti-hero. I’m so excited to see Venom get a stand alone where it’s based on his evil actions and dark humor. A superhero is only as good as their villain, and setting up Venom with such a great actor in the same universe as Spiderman is the perfect formula to solving the Marvel villain issue. Now, we can’t forget that nerds are freaking out about this because we love Venom and his potential with an R-rated film, but will Tom Hardy be able to sell it to the general public? Below I’ll touch on the two comic series that’ll influence the potential plot, the hype points and hopes for the film, and end with some personal thoughts of the plot direction!

Highlights from the two series Ruben Fleischer said influenced the movie:

Venom: Lethal Protector

It is a six-issue comic series that follows the progression of Venom from a true villain to an anti-hero. Through the transition, Peter Parker and Eddie come to an agreement that he would be left alone as long as he stays away from crime and trouble. After some time, Spidey see’s Eddie has stirred up some trouble and goes to confront him. Eventually realizing that a handful of new symbiotes were born and are hunting Venom. They team up to fight the offspring and fend them off.

Now – you see how there is a ton of potential in this series for the film. Eddie Brock gets his powers after doing a shitty job as a journalist. Tom Holland is rumored to now show up in the movie. Possibly teaming up with him to battle or fend off. I doubt Spidey is in the movie as much as some people think. He may make an appearance to get him some extra marketing, but the real potential from the comic comes from the symbiote offspring. Possibly how Carnage is born or how Michelle Williams becomes She-Venom through Ann Weying. It’ll be a ton of fun to see Venom as this incredibly dangerous force who you eventually root for to take out even more evil symbiotes hunting him.

Planet of the Symbiotes

A five-issue comic series that focuses on the symbiotic relationship between Venom and Eddie. Eddie feels he is controlled by the symbiote and worried he is losing control. Venom pushes Eddie to kill. Spiderman urges him to get rid of the alien influence and free himself of the powers/influence. During this inner battle, Eddie Brock decides to ditch it for a bit to make an uninfluenced decision. The Venom symbiote takes it terribly and releases and scream that attracts other symbiotes to Earth. The scream leads to an invasion of symbiotes who look to take over the world. Spiderman, Venom and Scarlet Spider team up to fend off the Army. After a bunch of side stories and battles, they fend them off and get most of them back to space. There’s a certain comic that ran off the Planet of the Symbiotes that stood out to me, Spectacular Spider-Man Super Special #1, where a symbiote gets released and attaches to the serial killer Cletus Kassady – future Carnage. The supervillain that makes Venom seem like an elementary student. Eventually, Venom and Eddie bond and unite to create a powerful/painful scream to push Carnage back and commit suicide. Uniting Eddie with his powers and relationship while defeating a terrible nemesis who was out to murder him.

This comic series seems to play a much closer role to what we can expect when looking at the relationship between Eddie and Venom. A problem with balance that will lead to Carnage being made. This’ll set up a perfectly dark and dangerous movie that is needed when focusing on Venom. I don’t see the Planet battle becoming a thing, but I do so Cletus Kassady coming around and Venom having issues with Eddie’s choices. With both series mashed together, we can put together some decent theories for the movie.

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Hypes & Hopes

  • R-Rated – Exactly how it should be. Couldn’t do Venom justice if there was darkness and gruesome action. You can’t have this nightmare on screen without the opportunity to show its full power and intimidating threat. I hope Fleischer scares the audience early with some Venom action and the gooey symbiote once Eddie is consumed with power. With the success of Deadpool and Logan being R-rated, I’m sure this movie will provide glorious action and terrifying symbiote CGI.
  • Cast – All we have so far is Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams, but thats enough to sell me. Great actors in marvel stand alone films have proven to do a great job holding their own in this competitive genre. Benedict Cumberbatch with Doctor Strange, Paul Rudd with Ant-Man, etc. It’ll be great seeing Hardy portray such a beaten down angry person because he’s done it so well in the past, but now back it up with some anti-hero action. And four time grammy nominee Michelle Williams holding her own against the anti-hero. Do not forget, just like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, objects can play as characters. I see the Venom and Carnage symbiotes playing significant characters in this movie, taking the highlights that’ll push us over the edge from PG-13 to R.
  • Eddie Brock/Venom Origin – It’s said that they’ll honor Venoms origin and stick to his plan. So maybe the cameo Spidey plays is the original contact with the symbiote. After rejecting the alien power, it finds its way to the suicidal and emotional Eddie Brock who just accused the wrong man of being a serial killer (Peter caught the real guy just before). The origin is so cool and sets Eddie down a dangerous path after meeting the symbiote at his lowest point. This origin would make sense due to the symbiote giving Eddie these superpowers from copying the original host’s powers (Spiderman) and giving them to the next person. The origin eventually leads to the internal battle that was talked about during Planet of the Symbiotes series.
  • Ann Weying – Not specifically said to be She-Venom in the film but she is the original. She’s also known as the Bride of Venom and very successful lawyer. Ann is the ex-wife to Eddie in the comics and we can guess that she plays a large role in his anger/failure near the being of the movie (along with his career) that leads him down the power to loving the Venom power. You have to believe that if this film does well, she’ll possibly have the opportunity to hold the alien power and become She-Venom like in the comics. Before getting the symbiote (which saves her life), she convinces Eddie to give up his Vendetta against Peter. You have to wonder how Spidey will play a role with these two in the film.
  • Dark Humor – I hope Marvel lightens up on the family humor and dives deep into the Deadpool humor without breaking the fourth wall. I feel like it would set an intense tone that would attract audiences and scare people, as Venom should. It’s okay to be funny in a dark way and I expect them to use their stacked cast to deliver humor in a mature way during a serious movie.


My hope for the film is they follow the origin as close as possible. Show us Eddie trying to catch a killer and losing everything due to his mistake. Losing his job, father’s respect and relationship with his wife. I want to see the lowest level of Eddie Brock so they can build him up after a couple terrifying scenes as venom. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE SUIT! I wonder how gooey they’ll make it or if they’ll make the teeth crazy looking. I hope they utilize that classic long tongue and add some of that creepy green slime to his smile like they did in the comics. My guess is he’ll run into Spider-Man then. It would be awesome if Spidey was the first host and passed it on, but it’ll make more sense to see him confront Venom and possibly try to stop him from his crimes. I wonder what his drive will be. Either Spider-Man is his hatred/drive or someone else is his drive to use his powers for revenge. Maybe the suit will control Eddie to build on that dangerous relationship and instability they mentioned in both comic series. Eddie will lose his way and just in time for Venom to asexually reproduce and infect the serial killer who is out to murder him. My guess is they’ll create some backstory behind personal vendettas between the symbiotes, making Eddie have to grow from a villain (early in the film) to an anti-hero trying to do the right thing and earn his ex-wife’s love back. The movie will have you rooting for him by the end I bet. But eventually, show his lack of morals. Even when he does the right thing and possibly win, I see them laying the ground work for the Sinister Six. He’ll beat Carnage after finally accepting the Venom symbiote and bonding with it. He’ll do a painful/sorrowful scream or possibly use a tag-team to get rid of Carnage once he understands he can control it. This’ll set Venom up for some serious future clashes with Peter and future heroes. The action and gore of this movie will take the cake. They’ll have to do some serious marketing and great computer graphics to get the mass audiences out to see this movie. The actors can sell the tickets, but people need a reason and plot to want to see it opening week. Nerds will be all over this one, but I wonder if Venom alone will have enough in the gun to carry it’s weight against other R-Rated films this year! Until then, I cannot wait for Early October and pray Tom Hardy lives up to his promise of giving us the best Venom possible!





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