Chelsea FC – Transfers

As a Chelsea fan I need to forget this past month. It was a struggle to get through and watch. After such a great season last year, it’s annoying to see all these injuries and midweek matches destroy the form of the squad. We had three games where we’ve lost a player to injury before 30 minutes and multiple times we didn’t have a solid backup who could fill in for the injured or out of form players. We need to forget this month and find ways to change the team dynamic entering into the Champions League, FA cup and final third of the Prem. The think these signings in the past week will help the squad grow past their stale form. Below I breakdown my thoughts of the major transfers and loan deals:

Olivier Giroud – Needed. It feels like an odd transfer for Chelsea. Taking a man from their rivals who rarely breaks their starting squad, as of late. I see a lot of potential to him. A low transfer fee that is covered by the newer loan deals, Chelsea wlooks to profit from a big target man n the box. They’ve had nothing in the final third and I pray he bounces on the opportunity to be our finisher. He’ll bring great competition to Morata and will be a strong substitution for the blues in regular season games. He’ll be a strong pair of legs up top for them in upcoming cup ties, but you have to worry about his form. He’s an older striker who has 18 months left on his contract, so it isn’t the end game fix for the blues but I see him being a very solid temporary solution to their problems. Make him a major cog in the wheel that will help us end the 2018 campaign on a high note. The biggest positives I see from him are his abilities in the air (we have some lethal crossing forwards) and his hold up play due to his size. We need someone to hold the play up and allow the offensive transformation to take place. We lose the ball too often in transition and I feel that was Michy’s weak point. Giroud may be the solution to that problem, FOR NOW. His form and age for 90 minutes worries me. You wonder how that will motivate or devastate Morata. I look forward to his first minutes in a blue shirt.

Michy Batshuayi – His loan transfer to Dortmund isn’t a bad thing. He’ll get playing time with Aubameyang moving to Arsenal. That is exactly what he needs. He had small opportunities but never seemed trusted by Conte. He signed with Chelsea at the end of 2016 and is still very young. I really love the Belgian and think he has a bright future. He needs more time on the field against competition. I hope he finds his form and possibly fights his way back into our squad. I pray he finds form in germany and smashes at the World Cup. Giving Conte a reason to bring him back to the Bridge. He did well against mid level teams, but in high level matches he rarely showed up or kept possession. He’s a promising young striker who I hope the best for Germany.

Emerson Palmieri – The signing that truly shocked me. I felt that we were quite stacked with defenders, but you realize we are a bit exposed on the left side if Alonso goes down. I like the competition and the newly-alleged italian defender. He has great pace and gives us more than a single dimension from the back line, unlike Zappacosta. He knows the formation from Roma and I see becoming a solid threat for us in the future. Another defender added who is in form and will compete to be a part of this ever talented and young, back line. I wonder if COntent is looking to sell one of our big name defenders with Alonso, Christensen, and Azpi in such good form. Cahill, Luiz and Rudiger have played a decent amount but are big names sitting on the bench.


Kenedy – A highly competitive midfield that I hate to see go out on loan. Someone I really don’t want to see bought out at the end of the season. Newcastle could use his talents though. he goes hard and tries a lot of different skills to move the ball. I really like his activity, but his defending struggles to bust him into top tier squads. Hopefully Newcastle propels him up the Chelsea charts to bring him home. He can lay as a left back, midfielder and winger. He gives Benitez a lot of options and if he were to hit a new level, Benitez has shown to develop some good players. I’m excited to see how he does with consistent premier league competition.

Charly Musonda – An outstanding talent in our Youth Academy. Has time playing with the first squad and has lead the development squads to a handful of wins in big cup matches. He’s going to be a big part of our future and I’m happy to see how excited Celtic is to have him. He’ll get some deserved playing time and hopefully shine with that team. I’m not a fan of how long the loan is. 18 months seems  bit much but it’ll prime him to come back at 22-23 years old and show his grown talent. I doubt Chelsea will let him be bought out n the future, but with so many talented forward and midfielders with more experience, it makes sense to send him out to get playing time.

Kasey Palmer & Todd Kane – Both young guys with some youth promise. Kane coming back from injury and Palmer returning on loan from shaky form. Both have upside and both young players could be big weapons for Chelsea in the future. Either in the transfer market, or on the pitch. Palmer, as an attacking forward, has the biggest point to prove. Find himself consistent starting play, with kane getting back to his dominate form. I expect them both to be considered for the first squad in a couple years, but for now this is the right move. Bring in some money and voer Giroud’s transfer, while helping key development players grow.


A decent end to the transfer window. Could’ve been better, as everyone always wants. With how bad they are playing, I’ve seen some articles calling for major transfers to save their season. I was happy with anything. They needed a change in the locker room to fix the morale and rumor issues. I’m excited to see the new transfers in action. I wonder how it’ll drive the current starters to respond, and how Chelsea will change to clean up their sloppy play heading into a crucial end of the year!

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