Ant-Man and the Wasp – Trailer Review

Love it. They dropped this at the perfect time for fans and people who forget about this title during such a crazy time. With Black Panther on the horizon and Infinity War around the corner, it would be easy for the general public to forget how huge this movie can be. Everybody loves Paul Rudd and he did a great job in the first Ant-Man movie. He has a great cast around him and I’m excited to see the Wasp get brought to life and play a bigger role. It’ll add a ton of dimensions to Scott as a character, and opens a world of plot directions. I wonder how they’ll tie in saving Wasp’s mother (Mrs. Pym) from the quantum realm. Below is the trailer to check out and all the main points I have about the title after seeing the new promotion:

Trailer Points:

  • Success of 1st Ant-Man – Hoping they continue the Marvel momentum. The second movies of a lot of our heroes have been weaker. I think with the success from the first movie, Paul Rudd’s hilarious portrayal of the hero, and the addition of Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp to the spotlight will make this movie outstanding. With the first movie bringing in over 500 million, and Scott Lang making a great appearance in Civil War, he’s now very well established and hopefully will bring more people out to the theaters.
  • The Action – The trailer gave away a ton of fantastic mini-action packed scenes. The shrinking and expanding of objects and people was such an important and fun part of the first movie and it already seems to be improved in this trailer. I’m excited to see the fight scenes and CGI they introduce with two heroes flying around. Also, Hope has wings and blasters. It’ll be nice to watch her kick ass.
  • The Wasp – Not a headliner but someone who will also be brought to light by a great actress. I believe Evangeline Lilly will continue to do a great job and play a larger role as a romantic tie to Scott and badass fighter who shows everyone up. She’s clearly the highlight of the trailer and they really are relying heavily on her introduction and impact to the team.
  • Michael Pena – So happy to hear he’s in the movie. He was amazing in the first and hysterical. Can’t wait to see how he develops and brings more comedic relief to the ever serious-growing Marvel universe.
  • Plot Possibilities – Very open to whatever they want to do. They haven’t introduced any villains in past titles so they have all the room to make someone like “Ghost” a complete badass. They also have an open door to the quantum dimension and bringing back the original Wasp. It”ll be fun to watch Marvel yet again dive deep into a weird realm in a hero film. Hopefully they nail it and make the story captive.
  • The Villain – No one knows anything about Ghost. We get a quick glimpse of the character in the trailer but nothing comes of it. We don’t know anything about Ghost outside being a hacker and looking like a Destiny Hunter. I don’t remember hearing the name or any significance connected to Ghost, so I worry it’ll be another weak villain we is easily disposable. We all know how Marvel villains struggle to stick around and make a true impact within two hours of the film. This could also be a positive though! They have free reign to do whatever they’d like and make Hannah John-Kamen’s character as strong as they’d like. It’ll be interesting to see the two women take over and have an epic throw down.
  • Laurence Fishburne – Goliath. Awesome addition to the movie. Can’t wait to see him on the big screen in the universe. It is said that he worked for Stark then helped Pym for a bit. He looks a bit evil in the trailer and it would be easy to guess that he has something to do with Ghost’s origin and twitchy hand. Can’t wait to hear his back story and if he has some kind of battle against Hank during the film. Another great actor added to a strong cast to make the movie more marketable!
  • Family Movie – The plot is clearly based around the teams and heart strings. Scott likes Hope. Hope and her father are going after saving her mother, the original wasp. Scott has his daughter, who drives him to be better and do the right thing. Goliath will be related to Stark of Pym somehow. Everyone is on the run or locked down by the Government. Everything and everyone in the movie is connected to one another and it’ll be interesting to see why they had to shrink the lab and their home to live in a van on the run.
  • Avengers? – I don’t know what to think here. You see Scott is on house arrest. Makes me wonder if Captain America saved him (at the end of Civil War) or left him to serve his sentence so he could be normal and see his daughter without sneaking around. With Falcon making an appearance in the last movie, I expect some Avengers looking to help Scott or keep tabs on him. it’ll be really exciting to look for new plot injections and Easter eggs from his new team members.


Overall – the perfect time for a trailer. People are gearing up to see Black Panther next week and it’ll be in theaters during a prime time. Heading out of the rough January movie selection, more people naturally go the theaters around this time and they;ll be able to efficiently market this individual film to get people excited. It gives fans something else to look forward to during such a crucial time, with two huge titles so close. The action and humor seems to be there, and overall has the cast that can carry the movie to a high level. I’m really looking forward to this movie hitting the big screen in Early July!

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