Chelsea vs Arsenal – Carabao Semi-Final Cup Second Leg

Complete shit.

Incredibly embarrassing that Chelsea lost to that side. After selling Sanchez and putting together a shaky side, they come out and beat Chelsea 2-1 in this second leg. Absolute trash. Could’ve pounced and done so much more in the first half but couldn’t convert. After an own goal and another shitty flick by Rudiger (which neither were his fault) Chelsea had no answer. They didn’t bounce back after letting up the second goal. DIDN’T RESPOND AT ALL.

We will get destroyed in the FA cup and Champions League moving forward if we can’t respond to other teams pressure. We still have no answer to the final third struggles. Can’t seem to hold up the play, make magic, or find pace. They keep missing that connecting pass. Hazard does it all himself and still goes at double/Triple teams. Frustrating to watch a team look like they have no response. With 20 minutes left in the match I had that bad feeling that Chelsea wouldn’t get it done. They never did come back. I understand that missing Morata hurt us, but he hasn’t been in form for 3-4 weeks now. And Willian going down mid way through the first half clearly created an issue for Conte and the plan for substitutions.

Michy seems to be on the way out. He can’t hold the play up or get the job done at the top level. I love the guy and think he is very entertaining, but when it comes to big games and needed goals – he’s non-existent. I wonder who the next striker on the radar really is. You hear random things such as Andy Carroll & Peter Crouch, but that is sad and absurd. We need someone that complements Willian, Hazard, and sometimes Pedro. The striker has to be feared enough to take pressure off our wings so Alonso and Moses can release more often and cross in the danger area. I COMPLETELY love italian footballers. But I can’t stand how one-dimensional Zappacosta is. He doesn’t have much more in his bag of tricks and rarely seems to get the job done. I hope he develops further and settles in with more playing time as Victor struggles. I still believe Moses is the answer and him inform is a scary thing, but when he is out of form he becomes a major liability on the defensive line.

It sucks to be out of the tournament. We have one more realistic shot at silverware this year in the FA cup. We have a long shot left with the champions league but that is looking to be a dumpster fire with the matches this past month. Hoping this lose sets them straight and gets everyone healthy enough to compete at the potential we all know they have! Again, I love my blues and the team. It hurts to see them lose to a lesser side. This is a blog to hyper criticize them from afans perspective. Who knows how the locker room feels or will respond. I guess we’ll see this weekend!

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