UFC 220 – Main Card Preview

A lot of people are hype for this fight. And they should be! Two titles on the line to decide who the baddest man on the planet will be and if a dominate wrestler can continue to retain his belt against anyone not named Jon Jones. They clearly linked together two title fights to carry the weight of this card and sell the PPV. Simply put – I CAN NOT WAIT! I’m excited for more than the co-main event and main event though, unlike many. Below I break down my predictions and excitement for Saturday nights show down:


Almeida Font
22-2-0 RECORD 14-3-0
26 AGE 30
67 in HEIGHT 68 in
135 lbs WEIGHT 135 lbs
70.0 in REACH 71.5 in
Southpaw STANCE Orthodox

I’m going with Almeida this fight. He suffers in reach and I hate to go against the American but I like Almeida’s movement and striking. He has that sneaky power and has taken 77% of his fights to TKO/KO. An incredible stat that Font needs to be aware of. Font is an experienced fighter who has finished fights in multiple situations. I think this will be more entertaining than the general public think. Almeida will be entering his prime and needs to start proving his worth in a very tough division. Beating tougher fighters in the past with knockout power, I see Almeida ending this fight before it goes to the scorecards.


Villante Barroso
15-9-0 RECORD 19-6-0
32 AGE 37
75 in HEIGHT 73 in
205 lbs WEIGHT 205 lbs
76.0 in REACH 75.0 in
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox

Villante is the heavy favorite in this fight (Nearly 70%) but I don’t know enough about each fighter to make an educated prediction. What I do know is that Villante is an American man who will out pace Barroso on his feet. Looking at his track record he has TKO’d people tougher than Barroso. Barroso has a better ground game. I don’t know if Barroso can do what Darren Elkins did to Michael Johnson in the last card, but his submission game is superior to what Villante has shown. I see the younger, American man coming away with a decision in this fight.


Kattar Burgos
17-2-0 RECORD 10-0-0
29 AGE 26
71 in HEIGHT 71 in
145 lbs WEIGHT 145 lbs
72.0 in REACH 75.5 in
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox

A huge fight that I can’t wait to see. I see and deeply want Shane Burgos to come away with the win. I support my fellow New Yorkers and he has a high work rate. He is undefeated, even though he hasn’t fought very tough opponents, but he is yet to lose. I like how he has a spread of wins using TKO, submissions and decisions. Seems a young, complete fighter who will continue to get better. Kattar can’t be slept on though. Probably his biggest challenge yet. Kattar is no slob on his feet and defends takedowns like a beast. I see Burgos using his reach advantage to out jab and score this fight to a decision win!


Cormier Oezdemir
USA ORIGIN Switzerland
19-1-0 RECORD 15-1-0
38 AGE 28
71 in HEIGHT 74 in
205 lbs WEIGHT 205 lbs
72.5 in REACH 75.0 in
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox

A fun fight to see. The issue with Daniel Cormier is what Jon Jones has done to his legacy. If Cormier was always undefeated they would love him and he could always main event. But because he has lost to the same guy twice and is an ultra nice guy to compete against, he doesn’t sell like other superstars. I still love Cormier for this fight and think his takedowns/ground and pound will put Oezdemir under. Only way the Swiss man wins is if he catches the champ but Daniel knows his game and will overwhelm him once he is on top. He has more experience, been in more battles and will out move Volkan to retaining his title.

That being said, Volkan catching Daniel would be outstanding for ratings and would throw an amazing wrench in the division to spark competition in light-heavyweight once again!


Miocic Ngannou
17-2-0 RECORD 11-1-0
35 AGE 31
76 in HEIGHT 76 in
240 lbs WEIGHT 250 lbs
80.0 in REACH 83.0 in
Orthodox STANCE Orthodox

The main event and MAN OH MAN!!! It’s a good one. Everyone knows the situation. Stipe is the baddest man on earth and going for the record to defend his title a third time. Full time fire fighter who is defending his title against the scariest man to throw a punch. He has recorded the hardest punch by a human being and we know what happens when he connects with that uppercut. The challenger is the big favorite in this fight by I’m going with the Cleveland native, Miocic. I love the guy and think he’ll challenges Ngannou’s ground game. Make that muscle tired and beat him up on the ground so it changes his striking power. I think if Stipe can avoid that uppercut, he’ll take Francis late and wear him down to retain his title in a late decision. This fight promises to be good, but we know so little about Francis’ clinch and ground game.


I can’t wait for this card and to no doubt be shocked Saturday night!!

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