Chelsea vs Norwich – Second Leg

A pitiful performance by the blues. They did find the back of the net  before the 90th but sat back and allowed a late equalizer from a much lower quality side. Almost the same time as the Arsenal first leg, they go to absorb pressure and struggle to park the bus.

Frustrating to see how terrible we are in the final third. Clearly out of form and we were lucky Norwich didn’t score more. They had their chances. Chelsea was on the front foot and could’ve put the game away but failed to capitalize. They won’t survive long in the quarter final if they continue to play to the level of other squads. The obviously wills struggle in the Champion’s League if they continue this form.

Possibly the issue lies with lack of motivate. With Man City running away with the Premier League title, they control a hung gap in the table and don’t look like they’ll be caught any time soon. It’ll be interesting to see what changes Conte makes to spice up the team and push quality through their performances to walk away with some silverware this season. I, as many fans do, expect something from the Italian manager after the strong first year with the team.

Penalties are unacceptable in that situation. Happy they won, but they can’t be taking an English League Two team that far and almost lose. I understand we played with our second squad and were playing around with substitutions but that is no excuse for a club of this level. As a fan who is hypercritical of my favorite team, I’m excited to see they found a way to win, but worry about the final third of this season…

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