Over the holidays the PS Store had a huge sale and I was able to download this game for little to nothing. Being a wrestler in high school and college, huge UFC fan, and consistent listener to Joe Rogan’s podcast I needed to get this game before jumping into UFC 3 in early February. I loved a ton about this game – probably because I love fighting games and knocking people out. It definitely struggled outside of that knock out fighting aspect and is extremely critical of anyone not playing on beginner or easy. Rather than writing in paragraphs I’ll go over the positives and negative sin the bullets below:


  • Career Mode – Fun to make yourself and fight towards the belt
  • Knockout Moments & Replays – The draw to fighting and continuing to play. You get addicted to dropping people and winning
  • Commenting – Makes fighting more fun and situations more unique
  • Fighting Styles – Cool to see realistic moving
  • Fighter Progression & Move Upgrading – Can focus on improving fighter through career
  • Unique Walkouts & Music – Makes it worth watching and cool to watch crowd freak out to your star level
  • Customization – I love adding tattoos and having my fighter look like me so the career customization is a huge plus & creating random fighters is a ton of fun as well


  • Ultimate Team – Tough to compete if you don’t dump money in BUT wasn’t a bad first attempt and I still had fun playing
  • Career Mode – On here as well because there wasn’t a true story. UFC 3 seems to have fixed this as their main marketing is showing
  • The Evolution points – Needed to upgrade perks, moves and attributes. Use them to learn new moves or level them up and it’s frustrating how little you get from most of your fights. Makes it hard to compete at the highly competitive CPU levels when going towards the belt – Almost hurts you if you go on a winning street and move u the ranks too fast. The top guys will drop you so easily because none of your stats are high enough to touch them
  • Training Time & Practice – Struggles to teach you enough to use in fights and didn’t give you enough time to progress to where you want your fighter to be for upcoming bouts.
  • Ultimate Team Packs – I want to manually control fighter progression & to be able to do something myself to get energy back. The card system simply annoyed me in this environment and had me realize that if you want to compete and win a belt you need to invest. And even then the people who spend more will have more and better moves to beat you. And that’s not including all the extra perks and tools they may have gotten from packs in the past that the average person would never see or use.


I know this review is very late but it was the perfect time to jump in and test my skills before UFC 3 drops. I am so excited for that game and UFC 2 was such an improvement form the first. It is the first fighting game showing good progression and intriguing combat skills in every situation. I found myself snapchatting knockouts and screaming at my team when fighting online or against the CPU. It is a ton of fun and great game to play when you’re in a certain mindset. Flying knees, superman punches and spinning head kicks are always the way to go. I find myself still doing a couple fights a day to test my skills and try new submissions or throws. It is an awesome game to be interested in and try to master. I am so terrible at it and still enjoyed the overall experience from this older game. It definitely had huge holes and some combat issues (like when both people threw kicks or went for takedowns) but I’m excited to see the improvements (necessary) UFC 3 comes with to make the game consistently playable and attractive!!


For a sports/fighting game

Overall Rating: 7/10



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