Chelsea vs Leicester City

Terrible. Draining. Slow.

A tough match to watch as a Blues fan. They’re clearly in a bit of a rut and the multi-match weeks aren’t helping. Seem to be out of form and making mistakes they rarely made early when only focusing on the Premier League. We were lucky to escape with a point, to be honest. Leicester was firing away the first 25 minutes and seemed sure to net something as the game went along. Somehow the blues held off the onslaught but never looked sharp. They had a couple small chances but nothing dangerous or anything to remember. Fabregas and Hazard were the highlights but clearly were subbed off to be given a rest of the mid week match coming up. Frustrating to watch the team ins expand place struggle so much in the final third. The press my Leicester rarely let them release and when they did they missed so many connecting passes. Willian was a highlight late in the game but he and Pedro couldn’t spark a goal. IT WAS AN INFURIATING END TO THE GAME.

To not be able to capitalize on a ten men side with 25 minutes left is pathetic from such a talented team. I get that we only had two subs and needed to give the magicians a rest, but Cahill’s injury put us in a bad spot in the first half. Which led to Morata staying on while he is so out of form. Played quite terribly today. Went to ground after everything and lost possession almost every time he didn’t one touch back to the originator. A struggle to watch for 90+ minutes but I hope they finish strong and find their form the last third of the season.

Norwich is ahead and it’s time for Conte to light a fire under Chelsea’s asses and put teams into the ground. They are too good to play down to the level of certain teams. Still, props to the squad for sneaking away with a point/not lose.

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