Stranger Things – Season 2 Episode 1


Obviously the first episode back they wanted to set up their characters, sub plots and foundation for the season. Introducing all our favorite characters and some new ones to the show. The main focus of the episode is catching the audience up to speed with where our characters are at. Will is battling the upside down episodes and they seem to be getting worse. Seems to be the main plot to further the story but you never know with a show this great. Madmax obviously is a new addition and will not only play a love interest for someone, but possibly create issue sin the group between guys or between them and Eleven when/if she returns. But of a stretch I guess but always possible when introducing new characters that people drool over.

They clearly established some great scenes this first episode. They introduced an older person who gets away in a car chase by using telepathy like Eleven, and you realize her tattoo that says 08. An awesome subplot that surely will carry weight and play a larger role in Elle’s development and power structure. We also got to see Hopper do his thing for most of the episode until we realize he is living and taking care of Elle out in the woods. A fantastic set up for future issues and gives us a weird feeling, knowing that Hopper went with those agents at the end of last season. You have to wonder his motive and if his help is truly to protect her, or betray her to further his own play with earlier models? Can’t wait to binge the rest of the show.

And for the record, Steve is my dude. Plays a perfect teenager for this time period. I also love Rudy so having him be  apart of the experience is awesome as well. GO SAMWELL! I think Elle with hair is fantastic and I wonder why Mike isn’t getting any response or signal from Eleven. Maybe she’s purposely doing it or her powers were weakened for some time after the season one ending. A great episode one to lay the ground work. Interested to see how the show rolls out and who the main protagonists outside of the upside down world are going to be moving forward.



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