Venom – Teaser Trailer Review

It’s here. The first look into Sony’s villain. Venom has a special place in a lot of people’s hearts and I love how they did this teaser trailer. It’s a true teaser. It doesn’t give much. We don’t see Eddie as Venom or the symbiote in action. We do get some human Eddie Brock action […]

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15 Games to Look Out For in 2018

  It’s another huge year for gaming! My list for this year continues to grow and I can’t wait to test most of the big games for reviews. Graphics continue to improve, systems continue to get better and more depth seems to be added every year. We can’t forget how 2017 was littered with loot […]

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Super Bowl Commercials – Review

Below I reflect on the 2018 Super Bowl commercials that stood out to me. I looked forward to them this year because they weren’t previewed before the game. The commercials gave viewers who didn’t have a horse in the race something to look forward too. No matter the type, I’m giving my brief personal review […]

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Black Panther – Preview

The trailer says it all. Action packed and full of Marvel’s comic creativity! The first reviews for the film are nothing short of fantastic. I can’t wait for Black Panther to hit the big screen and build on the momentum he established in Captain America: Civil War. He stole some scenes in that film, and […]

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Chelsea FC – Transfers

As a Chelsea fan I need to forget this past month. It was a struggle to get through and watch. After such a great season last year, it’s annoying to see all these injuries and midweek matches destroy the form of the squad. We had three games where we’ve lost a player to injury before […]

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